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Initial Consultation

You are welcome to call or email me with any questions you might have about working with me before making our first appointment.

The consultation is a patient-centered process. You will be given time and a sympathetic, confidential environment to talk about your health concerns in-depth. Consequently, the first consultation will normally take two hours.

We will discuss your health in detail, including your present condition, part medical history and family medical history, and any conventional drugs and supplements you are taking. Your life-style and diet are also taken into account. This enables me to assess how any of these things may be impacting on your current state of health. Also, because herbal medicine takes an holistic approach, it allows me to know more about you as a person.

During our initial meeting we may discuss your situation, current concerns and consider a plan for working together. I will answer any questions you have about therapy and proceeding with treatment.

On-Going Sessions

Typically, my clients set the agenda but I will direct the session if this is more comfortable. My therapeutic approach depends on your individual needs and intentions. Sessions are typically scheduled once per week, but may be more or less frequent depending on your needs

The first homeopathic consultation being held in my Loughrea or Galway  practice usually takes around  90 - 120 minutes. Follow up consultations will last around 45 - 60 minutes.

A homeopathic consultation may be different to what you normally might expect from other therapeutic modalities because of the type of detail that she is interested in before making her prescription.

I will explore your current health concerns both on a physical level as well as on a mental/emotional level. The questioning and direction encourages a deeper understanding of how you feel and the effects your health problems are having on you. The greater the understanding of how you feel, helps provide a greater accuracy in finding the most appropriate medicine to help you recover.

You will be given a single medicine to take over a number of days or for a longer period depending on your condition and management strategy.

What is the patient's role?

Open Communication & Observation

While it is the homeopath’s job to elicit relevant information by asking probing questions, the patient can expect a higher chance of receiving an effective homeopathic remedy if he or she is open and truthful in describing their physical and psychological symptoms. It is also important to be observant of the changes taking place in your system. To that end, you might want to keep a journal or notes on any noticeable changes or shifts in your symptoms or health.

 The Follow-Up Visit

Follow up consultations with Gráinne - Freya may occur after one, two or three weeks, depending again on the need for follow up assessment and management.

The duration of your treatment really depends on the types of conditions that are being managed. During the course of your homeopathic treatment with Gráinne - Freya, you will find that your overall state of health and well-being will improve. Your resistance to the triggers that previously affected you will also improve and how you feel within yourself will change for the better. Often my patients will say that they start to feel better with in themselves as their road to recovery unfolds.

 Who comes to see a homeopath, health mentor or       councellor?
Anyone can come, and that includes YOU. Homeopathy is suitable for all age groups, pregnant women, babies, children, adults and the elderly and for people who are healthy and would like to stay healthy
You may need a homeopathic session, or just a counselling session or I might use homeopathy and counselling as part of your treatment and management. It all really depends on what is going on with you…

My special interest:

My passion is homeopathy and my practice is broad enough and diverse enough so that I am not fixed in any one particular area. I deal with all aspects of health but I do have a special interest in supporting women throughout pregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal recovery time, in supporting children, caring for people with cancer and emotionally related problems which affect health and inhibit personal growth.

I enjoy dealing with family health issues and I see people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.


With over thirty years experience as a homeopath and Health Mentor, my efforts are guided by establishing a safe and collaborative therapeutic atmosphere where we can work on understanding and easing your symptoms and improving your health. My objectives are to assist you in making sustained positive emotional and life changes.

My approach to therapy is warm, compassionate, and collaborative. I provide an open and caring environment where adolescents, adults, and couples are welcome to discuss any topic of concern. People come to my office with desires to improve various areas of life. Some of these include academic and professional, interpersonal and social, mental and emotional, spiritual and existential. Some people do not have a clear issue in mind but simply feel incomplete and have a desire for something more from life.

I am in a solo practice and I will work with you to establish a personal, interactive and confidential therapeutic experience. Within this private and respectful context, I will try to work with you to help you better understand yourself, including your physical and psychological assets, painful emotions, unsatisfying relationships and the internal and external obstacles to a more satisfying life.

I believe that self-examination in a supportive and encouraging context is an important aspect of a therapeutic process. I shall actively and sensitively assist you in exploring and understanding yourself toward the objective of pursuing and actualizing your personal and life goals. My practice is conveniently located in Loughrea, minutes from Galway, serving individuals and families.



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