When Your Body Speaks - The Mind -Body Connection


       When your Body Speaks

Illness as an Opportunity


            “My thoughts create my life”
      The Mind is in Every Cell of the Body


Everything begins in the mind. Mind is the most important thing. If one is relaxed, if one can accept what is, then the medicine power - the power of treatment - is much more effective. Communicating with one's disease is a good and correct way. This may involve learning about illness and the accepting a means of dealing with it, such as eating the right foods, taking the correct medication, living  in a way that helps to heal sickness, while trying to understand the connections between your body, your mind, and the environment around you. - Lama Tai Situpa

In the midst of cancer, the primary focus is often treatments for the physical disease. Attention must expand beyond the diagnosis to include the whole person. Caring for your body, mind, and spirit, including social and environmental health, is essential for your health and healing through cancer. All of these parts create the whole of who you are. Attention to the mind by caring for your mental and emotional inner life is an essential part of an integrative cancer care plan.


The Power of Being

Your body is the physical expression of your existence, it holds your life history in every cell. Every thing that has ever happened is stored as tissue memory and is reflected in your flesh, blood and bone.

The relationship you have with your body is inescapably and unavoidable. For many we live outside, in our heads, dreaming of a future, reminiscent or regretful of the passed, running from - running to - running out... For many it is our life times practice transforming these wounds into offerings.

Making peace with our body is essential for our health.  When we are comfortable in our skin, vital with energy and radiant with spirit we give ourselves the greatest gift for a happy and healthy body.


Mapping The Mind 

 Everything you experience in your mind affects your body, and everything you experience in your body affects your mind.

Our mind is a glorious instrument designed to dance in the great symphony of life but it usually ends up the mad conductor.

Why is it then that our mind does not always seem on our side! Conjuring up repetitive scenarios, worn out old scripts. Thoughts of passed and future become a thief to our present robbing us of a quiet mind and natural refuge in relaxed being...they crowd in on us like passengers at rush hour on the underground


We need to make room for the still space between our thoughts. Our choreography and creative artistry comes from the unity of a body fully engaged in expressing a mind awake to the moment, a mind that is relaxed, open, fluid, and not trapped in repetitive patterns and circles of thought, but a free flowing, spiraling wave of energy. 

It's all in the dance; you are the mystery, dance It.

As you access your joy, you will expand your spirit’s expression through your body in dynamic and fluid ways. You will find the authentic expression of your soul.


 Mind and Body are One.

As we come to understand the way mind and body communicate, we come to understand how we can develop a new and healing relationship with our body, of which cancer is only a part.

Scientific research has now established that the Mind - Body connection is one of the most powerful elements in overcoming disease in the body. There is a major survival advantage associated with getting yourself into a good state of mind. Survival behavior and an immune competent personality are not an accident or luck.

Those in the integrated medical health field are far more likely to be aware of this because of what they see happen to their patients. When people have a sense of meaning in their life, express all of their emotions appropriately to stand up for themselves, ask for help from family and friends, participate in their health care decisions, say no to what they choose not to do, find time to do what they enjoy and to play, use their feelings to help them to heal their lives and do not live a role but an authentic life they will always do better than expected. I would add that a spiritual faith and not seeing the disease as God punishing them also plays a role, as well as, their desire and intention to survive.


The Body as a Garden

 "When plant goes to seed, its seeds are carried in all directions, but they can only live and grow if they fall on congenial soil." -Stephen Paget, MD

"Nature designed the body to work harmoniously, and for human to live long, healthy lives... But you cannot constantly violate Nature's requirements - poor eating habits; overeating or under-eating; inadequate, inadequate elimination of wastes; unnecessary high - risk behaviour; and letting negative emotions rule your life. If you continue to subject your body to excessive behaviour, abuse and neglect, sooner or later the results will be a breakdown in some vital life process."

"To develop a new relationship with your body begins by seeing your body as a garden that needs nurturing and care, as well as sufficient space and sunshine to heal and to grow. Your body is not a machine that was created simply to carry out the will of its owner. The idea that your body must do the bidding of the human ego rarely works in the journey through cancer - in fact, it can be counterproductive.

Your body is a living, breathing organism, a focal point of energy, information, intelligence and growth. And healing from cancer is ultimately an organic process that requires many ingredients. An element of mystery also accompanies this process. Consciously connecting with that mystery can be healing of itself.

The idea of the body as a garden opens new ways of thinking about ourselves - and about medicine and healing. It opens up tremendous opportunities for us all to play genuinely positive roles in the healing process. It gives us a chance to ask, "What can I do to cultivate the garden of my being in such a way that the fruits and flowers of health, well - being and self - knowledge can blossom and grow? What can I do to fertilize and till the soil of my being in order to accomplish this?  


When a garden is carefully tended, weed or parasites may still appear, but they are much less likely take over or affect the plant. They can be dealt with while they are still in an easily manageable form. Making a garden healthy also requires giving it adequate nutrients and water, turning the soil so the earth mixes with fresh air. Removing toxins and other harmful substances from the environment is essential, along with making sure that the garden has plenty of sunlight. By tending to all these things, a gardener gives nature the fullest possible opportunity to come into congruence with his or her wishes.

If a garden is neglected, another side of nature is likely to assert itself. Weeds are just as natural as roses, but they're out of sync with our ultimate interests. They are also out of sync with all the other plants in the garden. They can quickly usurp the space and nourishment of the other plants, often killing them in the process. The weeds can also eventually choke off one another and cause their own death."

This is as close to a perfect analogy with cancer as we are likely to find. Good nutrition, exercise, and a life that is emotionally and spiritually fulfilled is not a guarantee that cancer will be prevented, let alone cured. However, actively pursuing all these can help - sometimes significantly." 

Any person with a little "gardening" experience knows that when you plant a vegetable seed, the "fruits" of the seed will totally depend on how you prepare the soil, and how you nourish and support the growing seedling into adulthood.


The body has a consciousness but it is not meant to run your life. You are meant to run your life. It must be integrated, loved and honored. Just as with your other bodies, you are meant to be the captain of your own ship and make all your bodies (Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical) serve you. Every thought you think lodges some place in your aura and affects the physical body! Every feeling and emotion you feel affects the physical body. The subconscious mind is the seat of your feelings and emotions.

The body knows and we need to respect this.

If we are connected with our self, we may not even physically feel anything – we just know. The important thing that we have to realize is that this is not just about putting a band - aid on or taking a pill that seemingly fixes the problem. Almost always, there’s a deeper underlying issue, i.e previous traumas, excessive emotional or mentally stress when we get ill.

When we don't treat our bodies as well, when we ignore its telltale signs of aches and pains, our body tries to compensate. We push our delicate system to the outer limits, the body breaks down and we experience disease. Our bodies have now become compromised and it will require much work to assist it in getting back into balance. That is, if if it not to late.


 Symptoms are the Doorways to Yourself

"Every thought and emotion we experience causes a chemical response in our bloodstream, our organs, and our immune system. Repressed negative emotions trigger dissonant vibrations in the body, which can ultimately lead to dis-ease."

By paying attention to the messages your mind, body and spirit have been sending you. You’ll discover the power of receiving your own guidance and learn how to respond to these messages in a loving, caring and life-affirming manner so you can begin to heal.

The body speaks to us through symptoms.

Symptoms tell us something is going on, whether through the nature of the symptom, the effect they have, or the changes it demands. In other words, the disturbances, difficulties, or conflicting issues may have been years before finally coming together and creating a symptom.

The events of your life have shaped and coloured your behaviour, feelings, attitudes and health: Your biology is your biography. By paying attention to both the history of the symptom as well as its effect, you can begin to discover deeper and ever more subtle causes, ones which invariably hold the key to healing.


By paying attention to the messages your mind, body and spirit have been sending you, you’ll discover the power of  your own guidance and learn how to respond to these messages in a loving, caring and life-affirming manner so you can begin to heal.

The events of your life have shaped and coloured your behaviour, feelings, attitudes and health: "Your biology is your biography." By paying attention to both the history of the symptom as well as its effect, you can begin to discover deeper and ever more subtle causes, ones which invariably hold the key to healing.

Symptoms are not your enemy.

Symptoms are the body’s way of warning us, that all is not well and are attempting to restore balance. Homeopathy uses symptoms as helpful indicators, which can be used as guides to treating the individual and their “dis-ease”. Instead of merely removing the symptoms, it removes the central disturbance in the individual’s imbalance.

Example:  When your car’s engine light goes on, does it make sense to dis-connect the warning light so you can continue to drive without it’s distraction? Most of us would answer that question with a logical “NO”. The same logic should be used when addressing warning signs from your body. Most prescription drugs do nothing but dis-connect the warning light.


Your body will try to let you know there's an issue to be addressed. As a result, the signals tend to get louder and louder, and the condition worsens. Until you have no choice but to make a mental and emotional change in order to resolve the problem. Ailments tend to start out as minor discomforts. When ignored, these minor issues grow into more serious ailments. The point here is not to get you to focus on what’s wrong with you, but to have an awareness of what your body’s messages are.

Your body’s messages are never wrong, but they are always right as they are always seeking to point you in the right direction. Believe that you are healthy and that you have nothing wrong with you. Any symptom is just a signal from your body seeking to inform you of something you need to be aware of.


I believe that each of us knows more about our needs and ourselves then anyone else. We usually know what's wrong with us but deny our own wisdom in favour of so - called "experts of all kind. 

It is believed that over time, constant and unexpressed negative thoughts, ideas, and emotions weaken our bodies and make them vulnerable to diseases such as cancer, heart problems and more particularly diseases of the breast, uterus, ovaries, vagina and cervix.


As a physical symptom is out of balance, the relationship to psychological or emotional issues is not always obvious. In fact, it often seems that the physical problem is causing as psycho / emotional response, as it may do, for this two way - communication. When we investigate more deeply, the interwoven relationships become clearer. At first I believed my physically disabilities led to my fearful outlook. My physical condition was literally and symbolically an unnerving experience as I was diagnosed with an brain tumor. Today, I can see that my physically condition encouraged me to feel the unconscious emotions and fears already within me. It enabled me to realize how fearful I had always been.


Your body is like an airplane's black box that records your every experience and response.

Symptoms help you to go in touch with your buried feelings. They are like messengers from the unconscious. Recognizing trauma that was present prior to the onset of symptoms alerts you to what you might have sensed but never fully acknowledged - deep feelings of fear, rage, guilt or grief kept locked inside. You may find you are experiencing recurring symptoms, perhaps every few month or years. The symptoms may move around the body, such as nerve pains appearing in different places yet of a similar nature.


When you look back over the past few months or years you may find that the issue actually goes back much farther, such as into your childhood, but something in the more immediate past may have brought those childhood memories to the surface. Children will easily bury confusing, frightening feelings in their unconsciousness so as not to have to deal with the pain. The symptom leads you to the feelings. And getting in touch with your feelings opens the door to healing. That is what happened to myself.

Sometimes the body reflects the repressed feelings quite quickly but usually, as the body tends to change more slowly than the mind, it may take a few years before anything physical becomes manifest. A central factor in your body - mind language is most crucial, as it take this long for the body to change, although this two-time period is a guideline only.


The 2 - 4 year period occurs frequently in reference to the onset of symptoms and is common for cancer. What you are looking for are psycho / emotional symptoms or traumas that began before the physical ones: the places where emotions got suppressed, ignored or denied, the unresolved issues that are undermining your normal sense of vitality and aliveness.

Due to the nature of denial it is often hard to be honest about what you felt then and may still feel now. It is more likely that you will have rationalized any difficulties. This is a normal defense mechanism to protect yourself from the pain of your feelings. So take some time to think about what you have been through and to what extent you really accepted or dealt with your inner responses. It is not just a matter of seeing the event and giving it the label "cause of illness" You need to focus on how you feel inside, not what society says you should feel.


It is possible to spend years denying your feelings and convincing yourself, as well as everyone else, that you are fine. Feel Your Feelings  To then begin to dig up those feelings can seem impossible. You may even have blanked out your memory of the event,. In this case, it may be helpful to talk it through with a trusted family member, friend or Mentor, to see if there are events that affected you that you have since pushed into your unconscious.

Giving voice to hidden feelings is an important step on the healing journey. You can cure a problem, but your healing takes courage and honesty. It means looking objectively and clearly, not just at the outer events but also at what you felt then. What feelings were ignored, denied, thought of as silly or unimportant? What had you no time for? What were all the different pieces that eventually came together as form as symptom?


Symptoms are not the cause of disease; they merely show that “dis-ease” exists.                               

Symptoms are not your enemy. Symptoms are the body’s way of warning us, that all is not well and are attempting to restore balance. Homeopathy uses symptoms as helpful indicators, which can be used as guides to treating the individual and their “dis-ease”. Instead of merely removing the symptoms, it removes the central disturbance in the individual’s imbalance.

Although you may be able to see quite clearly what your symptoms are saying, or even to intuitively guess their meaning, accepting the truth of them is not always easy. After all a symptom often expresses an issue that you have been ignoring, denying, or repressing, so acceptance means accepting this unwanted part of yourself. Sometimes it seems easier to just keep everything the same, even if you lose your health in the process.

Every symptom is the way the body communicates; it is like a word or a message. the Symptom is like a doorway to yourself. If you understand what the issue the symptom represents, then you can through that doorway to the next one, going deeper until you find the originating cause.


One way to listen to yourself is to pay attention to the phrases you use that may be reinforcing your unconscious beliefs. For example if you have back pain, are you saying "My back is killing me", I have such a bad back"? the power of words

Listen to your own conversation with others, and listen how do you think about yourself. Watch where your thoughts and words are limiting or even causing your physical state . Then ask yourself why you are thinking or feeling this way. This investigation into your attitude toward your body is important not only help you make it more positive, but also to unearth the inner places of repression, denial or conditioned patterns of behaviour that led to that state. By paying attention and by listening to yourself, you can begin to get to the roots of your attitudes and feelings.

Your Body speaks volumes, are you listening?

Our body is constantly speaking to us through signals of comfort and discomfort, pleasure and pain, attraction and repulsion. The holistic view of health is that mind, body, spirit and the environment of the individual inextricably linked.

With this knowledge in mind, upsets and disturbances in one of these areas are seen to affect all all the other levels. By looking at what is going on for you on all levels we can understand and treat the cause or roots of illness or general unwell being rather treating the symptoms. By looking at what is going on for you on all levels we can understand and treat the cause or roots of illness or general unwell being rather treating the symptoms.  


Most diseases have associated emotions. In practice, one should always look for a connection between body, mind and spirit.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), when certain organs are weak, deficient or diseased, a certain type of emotion may come to the surface.  Here are the five main organs and their associated emotions in TCM theory:


The liver is associated with anger and symptoms displayed in the eyes (darkness around the eyes) and blood vessel pathologies (ex. varicose veins) are common. 


The spleen is associated with worry.  In TCM, the spleen governs digestion along with the stomach.  When the spleen is weak, symptoms of indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, undigested food, and irritable bowel syndrome occur.


The lungs are associated with sadness and grief.  In TCM, the lungs control the immune system, skin, and of course, breathing. Many chronic diseases stem from unresolved grief. We could even hypothesize, according to TCM theory, that given that cancer is a failure of the body’s immune system to detect and eliminate a tumor, perhaps there is a connection to grief.


The kidneys are associated with fear.  In TCM, the kidneys govern bones, the nervous system, the lower back and the genitourinary system (kidney, bladder). 


According to TCM, the heart is associated with joy.  Though this is normally a good thing and most of us would like to have more joy in our life, the concept is best described as “excessive joy” or over-excitement.  For example, when your heart is overactive in TCM, you may suffer from insomnia.

On the research side of medicine, more and more studies are looking at the link between disease and behaviour and between emotions and personality types.  Currently, behavioural medicine is a growing branch of medicine and is responsible for recognizing the association between “Type A” personalities (i.e. stressed, hostile, easily-angered, competitive and hard-driving personalities) and cardiovascular disease.  The behavioural oncology branch of behavioural medicine is looking for similar emotional associations with cancer patients.

See Type C Personalities  - Cancer Personality:

Cancer Personality

Your body speaks the truth

Your body is a reliable source of information. Let's get out of our heads and into our bodies. By quieting the mind we can discover the voice of our body, a voice that only knows how to speak the truth.

The physical appearance of disease always is usually accompanied by the emergence of emotions that have lurked in the shadow of one's personality. Cancer, which marks the collapse of the body's primary defense lines, is a desperate attempt by the body/mind complex to bring to the surface of one's attention an underlying emotional self-attack. 


It is essential for your health and survival that you express your emotions and feelings, particular harmful and disturbing ones. When these ones become lodged into your body they will have an affect on your general health and effect different organs. If an emotion or thought is not expressed it drops into the body, for it must find expression of some kind. If it drops into the body and is stored it will find the weakest spot through which to erupt to the surface.

With other words:

When you feel out of sync and not at ease in your skin, this means that your body, mind and spirit are not working together. This may cause a lowering of your mood, a feeling that something is not right with your life, or a lack of energy and enthusiasm. To address these issues you need to find a direction or path that, if followed, will heal you of unwelcome feelings.

Although you may be able to see quite clearly what your symptoms are saying, or even to intuitively guess their meaning,accepting the truth of them is not always easy. Sometimes it seems easier to just keep everything the same, even if you lose your health in the process.


Just as we all have our own unique voice, so each body has its own means of expression. For instance, feeling that you are not getting the support you need or that you are weighted down with responsibilities may manifest as difficulties either in the back or in the knees and ankles, the weight baring joints. It is different for each of us.

Discovering your own body mind connection means paying attention to the details and listening to the body’s communication. Your body does know what is going on, and you can learn how to listen to and to interpret what it is trying to tell you. Listening to your intuition, your feelings, and your body is a gentle process of opening into awareness. In our everyday lives we are normally very distracted or externalized with thoughts flying off in many directions at ones. To listen to yourself you have to first become internalized, with the attention facing inward rather outward. This is essential, for your inner voice your full attention.


Patience is also needed here. You need patience to let your body speak to you, as it may not be immediately forthcoming with information. You need patience with yourself in understanding your body’s language, as with each layer of insight your symptoms may vary. Pain may move to different place, for example. And you need patience with your body as you may have long since released the repressed, denied, or ignored issues, but your body has not yet changed; the symptoms or illness have not yet disappeared. If you think about how your body is manifesting thoughts or emotions that have been repressed over a period of time, sometimes a long time, then it is not surprising that it takes a while to change, maybe even a few weeks or months after psychological or emotional issues already been healed.

Listening to your body will also help you know what sort of healing help you may need.

It may be emotional release or psychotherapy, it may be mentoring, or coaching, it may be deep – tissue massage or homeopathy and herbal medicine, or it may be surgery or medical drugs. If a symptom is a ”coming together” then usually each contributing factor will need attention, i.e., both the psycho / emotional and the physical. Uncovering the source of your difficulty with your body will help you determine what is most important.

There are a number of ways you can listen, such as through paying attention, dialogue, writing, painting, visualization and meditation.


I invite you to investigate with curiosity the mind - body connection along with many others as you learn more about your mental and emotional terrain and whole person body, mind, and spirit through cancer. 

In all types of illness, from cancer to a cold, never fail to remember the mind’s capacity to heal, even what has been deemed as hopeless to be healed.  By lovingly learning to focus your intuition, you can strive to heal or at least improve any health situation. This brings us to an appreciation of a world where positive beliefs, emotions, and actions are prime factors in getting well, can even stimulate our immune response. A world where our defense against illness is related to a body wide communication network we can take an active part in programming. A mix of science, instinct, and mystery, this is how intuitive healing can benefit you. 


Your Body speaksLet love be the flag you carry.        

"Let your love be long tresses blown by the wind. Let your love be gossamer curtains at the window. Let your love be shimmering light. Without care as to who sees and who does not see it, let your light shimmy through tree leaves and reach the sun it came from. I am waiting to see a display of your love, not for the sake of fireworks, but for my sake.  I'm the recipient of all your love. it all comes back to me, and then i fling my love out to the universe again. We will never tire of it. Love keeps you aloft. Love is your chariot to me".


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