The Online Picture of Health is a revolutionary new holistic self-assessment tool which is taken from the interactive Health Creation Programme and is based upon Dr Rosy Daniel’s 12 Health Creation Principles. 

The process of designing new lifestyle choices can automatically lead to improving other areas such as: finding balance between work and play time, maintaining healthy personal boundaries, improving communication with others, using your senses and feelings to tune into your body and its signals, becoming more aware of your breathing and stress reduction techniques, etc. We begin to see how all these dimensions of wellness are interrelated and how totally possible it is to make a real difference in all of these important areas of our lives.


We offer you a programme that is highly effective and structured way to look at your life that empowers you to maximize productivity, satisfaction and maintain balance. It starts with the Picture of Health, an assessment tool that leads you through a series of questions about twelve Health principles or dimensions of life that interrelate and play an important part in a person well - being.


The assessment can be done online, from the convenience of your home and usually takes 30 - 40 minutes to complete. It will give you real clarity about the current state of your health and lifestyle. You will identify quickly your strengths and vulnerabilities in all areas of mind, body, spirit and environment. With this valuable insight you can plan your Health Creation Goals to achieve optimum health. It can be used to give you a snapshot now of your health and well-being and can also be used as an holistic measurement tool to compare current results with levels achieved after you have made healthy changes or had therapeutic help. In this way you can clearly chart your progress and review your state and needs on a regular basis, fine tuning your Health Creation Goals and Action Plan every month.

Once you log in to perform your first Picture of Health you can keep your results in your own account and return to do the exercise again at regular intervals. You can also complete the exercise in two sittings, as all the work you have done will be stored safely to return to later. This gives you the perfect tool to empower yourself step by step to achieve really positive health, fulfillment and happiness.



  • Identify areas of life you are most motivated to change.
  • Create and implement your personal wellness action plan.
  • Learn more efficient ways to make changes in your life.
  • Enhance your ability to effectively respond to stress.
  • Create more balance in your life.
  • Achieve a higher level of vitality, health and well being. 

Access tools and resources to help you reach  your goals


If you would like to find out more about programme, please click  on this link to take a quick tour of the programme.

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We have enrolled in a certification programme called the Health Creation Programme. The programme will provide a structures system of assessing and guiding clients through a practical way to address key areas in their lives that they may feel motivated to change.

For many years now we have recognized that a major paradigm shift is needed, which will move us from a disease / symptom management model to a wellness model of healthcare. We believe that the Picture of Health is the most practical method in which to incorporate this approach into someone’s life.

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