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About Gráinne - Freya

I got to know Gráinne-Freya Hammond during one of her Cancer-Help Seminars in 1998 Ireland and have worked since then with her together.

I previous had just lost my wife who was ill with cancer. I became frustrated with my own profession as a medical doctor. At that time I was desperately looking for alternative therapies and I heard through a friend about Gráinne’s own recovery journey and about her work.  Gráinne-Freya Hammond is a very gifted spiritual midwife, healer and homeopath. I am honored to write this introduction for her book and for any work she does.

Drawing on her work and the research and experiences of other healers, homeopaths and doctors, she provides a good guide to achieve optimum health, well-being and happiness. She explains how our emotions and environment are integral to our health and examines the amazing benefit of nutrition, homeopathy and positive thoughts. Inspired by her own successful journey through cancer, Gráinne-Freya offers insight, inspiration and solid information for everyone who want to improve their health and overcome illness.

I belief, that her work is a valuable bridge between the orthodox and alternative ways of dealing with major illness. I strongly recommend her work with the Health Creation Program. Gráinne-Freya has also been a featured speaker for large and small audiences on the subject of Health and Wellness in Ireland and abroad.
As a young adult, she realized the limits of conventional medicine. Being a lifelong learner and independent scholar, she has studied many aspects of wellness and medicine and alternative medicine for nearly 30 years. In recent years, she has focused her studies on Positive Psychology and on How to Keep People Healthy. This has also inspired her to become an accredited Mentor of this wonderful Health Creation Program, which has enriched her personal and professional life. Grainne-Freya now brings her depth and wealth of experience and broad knowledge base to the co-creation and implementation of the Health Creation Programme to her patients and colleagues in Ireland, accompanied by her colleagues, Giselle Marrian and Joyce, both are also trained Mentors of the Health Creation Program.

Matthias Swensen, MD, MA

It has changed my life
It has improved my life
It has given me strength
When I first read about this course I really wanted to do it.  I didn't know anything about the 'course' but doing a course with Grainne teaching really appealed to me.

Grainne has a very unique and gentle way of teaching; she mentors you right through this course, which I found to be very supportive and encouraging. It has strengthened me in my personal life and in my practice.  Grainne has taught me a different and more effective way in 'case-taking'.  I have found patients to be comfortable with this 'new case-taking' technique.  I hear their 'story' in a more effective way.
I also find out more from the patient - what they want and need for them to enjoy optimum health.

Gently helping the patient to hear his or her own wisdom!
Patients have told me how strengthened they feel after our meeting, by using Grainne’s guidelines.  This course teaches you invaluable tools to work with. One patient said to me 'it was the first time she was asked what do you need to help you in this difficult situation'.
Since doing this Health Creation Programme my patients are
Feeling more positive about themselves and their situation. I have learned, that it is very important to discuss with the patient their goals and what support they need to achieve them.
Before I did this course I didn't realize I had become such a 'serious' person, bogged down with the stresses of life.
I am a happier person now, some of the stresses are still there but I am dealing with them in a healthier way.
I'm now very much aware of 'my time for me' and I am learning the importance of saying 'no'. It is truly an amazing course it opened my eyes to all aspects of real health and happy living!

"This pioneering programme gives individuals personal insight into 12 PRINCIPLES OF HEALTH, of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This in itself, provided tools for me, to transform this new awareness into lasting lifestyle change. It heightened a sense of health and well-being for me and as well as my work with patients. I belief, that this Wellness Programme is an invaluable program for health professionals, clinics and hospitals. The Health Creation Programme is a powerful tool for 21st century integrative medicine."
E.C., Nurse.

"I've been familiar with different personal development courses but was never so inspired as with the principles of this amazing Health Creation Course. I have found the introduction weekend with Gráinne-Freya so astonished. I have found it to be enormously helpful. It opened up new understandings for me. It stimulated me to new creative therapeutic responses for my patients with a wide range of clinical conditions. But I belief it also will help those who are still well to develop strategies for feeling even better. I highly recommend this programme." M. R. Homeopath

"I've known Gráinne – Freya for just two short years while I am attending her practice as a patient with cancer. She is also my personal mentor while I am working with the Health Creation Programme. Gráinne embodies that ancient, perennial wisdom - the wisdom of the ages. As well, she embodies generosity, kindness and an incredible ability to give love - unconditional love. Gráinne – Freya is really a master alchemist, that her gift -the master alchemist.” 
Y. Jennings. Art therapist

What a wonderful combination of wisdom and kindness. Not surprising, since those two traits are exactly what you embody in everything Gráinne does. There's an old Jewish saying, 'Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.' I believe that those fortunate enough to make the decision to attend this course will sense this in all of the information Gráinne presents. Thank you Gráinne for being a great mentor. Working with you and the Health Creation Programme has improved my practice and my life. Rachel R. Patient with MS

I have learned throughout this course with the Dynamic Turnaround to improve my life and to really enjoy what I am doing. Gráinne has a unique manner of helping people find their own way. Her practical, down-to-earth, spiritual wisdom creates hope in your heart and a sense that things will get better. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or an experienced guide, treat yourself to this amazing Course of The Dynamic Turnaround. I experienced a dynamic turnaround in my whole life and health: From a person who restricted her life and dreams to a woman, who learned to be rue to herself, from a woman who was ill with cancer to a joyful bundle of love, peace and freedom. Miriam S.

The introduction weekend to the Health Creation Programme with Gráinne-Freya was so inspiring for me that I decided to see Grainne in her practice. I am currently ill with cancer. The Picture of Health created a holistic foundation for me, from which I am not only explore the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues of my life, but more importantly discover ways in which to become responsible for my own health."          P. Mc K.

The Health Creation Program is a powerful tool for Health and Wellness Coaches and their Clients. Coaching is all about motivation, intention and follow-through, and this programme provides clients with invaluable feedback and the ability to track progress in any of the 12 areas of life. This tool should be part of every coach's and doctors tool box Dr.Signe Soerensen, Institute for psycho- social medicine, Germany

I was looking proactively for life, health and beauty enhancement strategies. The introduction course to the Health Creation Program has given me tools, which help me to transform valuable insight into results oriented action. Gráinne-Freya is an inspiring teacher, with great humor. The weekend was fun. Catherine D. 

 The Health Creation Programme pushes beyond health risk appraisals to the wellness dimension of the illness-wellness continuum. Its self-assessment tool offers new insights into what makes life worth living, and loving, and breathing. Medical care will never bring you too the brink of joyfulness, zest for life, and treating the environment responsibly. This Programme puts the health back into health care." It is a refreshing approach after years of "strictly by the numbers" Health Risk Appraisals that tell you how old you ought to be or why you are not already dead. "Without a doubt, this work manual is the most valuable and useful resource on wellness ever written. It has often been said that there is, unfortunately, no manual for living--but this well-loved book comes pretty close." I belief that there is no better person to spread the word for this manual, then Gráinne-Freya Hammond with all her personal and professional experiences. Prof. Dr.Matthias J. Swenson,MD,MA Stockholm

 The weekend introduction course of the Health Creation Programme with Gráinne-Freya Hammond was a feat. So many books warn us about the care of illnesses and with what can go wrong. The Health Creation Programme with the sense of possibility—of what can go right is bewildering refreshing and so the presentation.      Orlagh Mc M., journalist

 "You are the BEST! You are fun, flexible and generous. Thank you for getting me on my path in terms of doing the wellness coaching. It has been personally enriching for me to work with you…I hold you in the highest regard." F.B. Reynolds

"Thanks for making the course not only educational but fun. I learned so much about myself as well as the wellness program. It will forever change my life." B.Costello

Sometimes when we move forward in life toward a very big dream, it may feel like too much of a leap in consciousness for me to hold it all by myself. It is at those times that we need to reach out and find someone who believes our vision and in us and supports us in reaching the stars of our dream.  As I had met Gráinne two years ago, my health was going rapidly down due to the fast progress of my illness with MS. At the time I was constricted to a wheel chair. Today, I am feeling so much stronger and happier. I have moved to France, I am able to walk again and I am thrilled to work now as a potter. All of these dreams never would have become reality without the help and support from Gráinne-Freya and the marvelous Health Creation Programme, which I was given two years ago as a present from my neighbour, who used this magical material for her own recovery journey from cancer. I still honor my sessions with Gráinne-Freya. M.C. Kelly

If I could use just one phrase to describe Gráinne - Freya that phrase would be ‘uniquely genuine’.She speaks as an original ‘been there’ ‘gone through that’ and here is how I survived.She immediately puts you at ease with his engaging unpretentious nature.
Francis P. Patient with cancer.

Gráinne-Freya is a genius for inspiring people to reach beyond themselves and attain what they thought is not possible. The weekend with her was very inspiring with lots of positive energy with an excellent blend of factual information and therapeutic intervention, delivered in a personable and friendly style. Dr. M. Peterson, Zurich

I feel this weekend was very interesting, full of little gems.For me it is a Beginning, a taster fora future path.I feel more empowered and inspired. Thanks to the Picture of Health. I have gained more clarity and insights about the issues of health I now want to look at. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the group and me. C. F. Mahon

 Gráinne, your course on the prevention of illness was so inspiring, so open and warm and giving of your knowledge. You are truly a wise woman and it was such a pleasure to be part of this small group. I am battle for many years with MS and had lost hope to regain fully back to health. Thank you for encouraging me. I could see all ready positive changes in my life situation, just after four sessions with you as my personal Mentor and the group sessions. Agnes B.


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