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We are aware that a diagnosis of cancer does not just affect the person diagnosed, but impacts on the family or those close to that person. Whether you have moved into the role of caregiver suddenly or gradually over time, you may feel alone, unprepared, and overwhelmed by what is expected of you. These feelings, as well as other emotions - fear, sadness, anxiety, guilt, frustration, and even anger - are normal, and may come and go throughout your time of providing care.

Although it may not seem possible, you will also experience the unanticipated gifts of caregiving- forgiveness, compassion, courage - that can turn hardship into hope and healing. Caring for somebody close to you who has a life – threatening illness or life – quality diminishing disease can be one of the most stressful and harrowing experiences.


Each caregiving family faces unique circumstances, but some general strategies can help you navigate the path ahead. As a traveler in new terrain, it is wise to educate yourself as best you can about the landscape and develop a plan accordingly, with the flexibility to accommodate changes along the way.
It would be nice if there was an indisputable instruction manual for family caregivers to follow but since each family's situation is unique, a "one size fits all" approach just doesn't work. On - the - job training tends to go with the territory of family caregiving and it often takes a great deal of time and energy to navigate through the sometimes-complicated medical care labyrinth. However, it can be manageable.



Joining a support group will connect you with other caregivers facing similar circumstances. Support group members provide one another with social and emotional support, as well as practical information and advice about local resources.

Support groups also provide a safe and confidential place for caregivers to vent frustrations, share ideas and learn new caregiving strategies. Another way to meet others going through a similar experience is by attending special workshops or meetings.

The aim of this support group is to help you to be the best carer you can be and to help you to understand your own reaction and needs and ask for the help you need.


Our mission is to make caregiving easier for you. You'll be exposed to the patience, love, and trust of others in situations similar to yours. With an intense focus on your caregiving responsibilities, you may feel like your world is shrinking. But, there is strength and wisdom all around you.

So, call up the courage to tap into people and who reflect the positive aspects of caring for the life of another. Open up your world. 

In the safe and caring environment of our group sessions, you will be able to develop a plan for maximizing your healing journey. It is a confidential and supportive group where you can voice your hopes, fears and frustrations; share ideas and experiences with others, and learn ways to manage the emotional strain of living with cancer.

Caregiving creates a lot of changes in your life. This group offers support and a safe place for you 
to talk about your experience as a caregiver.



This workshop provides carers with their own workbook to help them be the best possible carer whilst also supporting them to recognise their own state and needs.

Carers are often neglected and also neglect themselves, suffering silently the enormous emotional strain and stress of maintain a brave face and optimum care for their loved one whilst taking on all the extra responsibilities and practical demands.

Carers nearly always put the needs of the one they care for above their own and need active support to redress the balance. The Carers Guide is a superb starting place to analyse your response to the caring role and to get your own needs in focus and met whilst also being a great carer. 


  • Why you need help

  • How to get help from others.

  • What mindsets you need to be a successful Cancer Caregiver

  • What principles you must practice.

  • What you need to do to stay healthy as you care for them.

  • The consequences of not staying healthy as you care for them.

  • How to find time to relax.

  • How to maintain an exercise routine while in a non-routine situation.

  • How to keep the right mindset to keep your own care high on the priority list.

  • Why humor and laughter are so important to your well-being (and theirs).

  • Inedible treats for Caregivers!

  • How to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

  • How to put compassion into your care-giving.

  • Handling your loved one’s privacy and wishes.

  • Motivating your loved one.

  • Motivating yourself

  • Are you in denial?

Are  your expectations of yourself realistic?

  • Are your expectations of your loved one realistic?

  • When to accept and forgive yourself.

  • How to accept and forgive your loved one with cancer.

  • How to believe in yourself, as a cancer caregiver.

  • How to be an Encourager.

  • Learning how to care for your loved one.

  • Does your loved one have their own personal Pharmacy?

  • How do you deal with your loved one’s diet?

  • What kinds of safety issues should you consider for your loved one?

  • What care options are available for you and your loved one?

  • What is the comfort factor for your loved one?

  • Protecting Your Loved One’s Best Interests

  • The organized Caregiver.

  • The Impact of priorities

  • Documentation: Keeping the Cancer Caregiver on track.

  • Should you monitor your loved one’s finances?

  • The Importance of Creating Balance in the Caregiver’s life

  • The importance of communicating with: Your loved one, The Medical Community, Family Members & Friends of Your Loved One.

  • What’s REALLY important in life at a time like this?

What would it mean to you to have peace of mind knowing what you’ll be encountering? What would it mean to you to get help and answers to some of your questions?


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