Bibliography &  Recommended Reading List

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    Using Alternative/Integrative Intervention
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    Additions by Bernie Siegel, M.D., Francisco Contreras, M.D., James Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., Kim Dalzel, PhD, RD, Tanya Harter Pierce, MA, MF

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Marily Glenville:


natural alternatives to HRT

Fat Around The Middle: How To Lose That Bulge - For Good [Import] [Paperback]

Healthy Eating during Menopause  Healthy eating during menopause



  • The Hundred-Year Lie: How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health by Randall Fitzgerald

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Here are some suggestions for further reading:


  • Music as Therapy, Jens-Peter Rose, Hans Helge Bartsch.  Tumor Biology Center, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg, Germany Music as Therapy

  • Healing Sounds - Jonathan Goldman


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