Encouraging Words from Cancer Survivors to Others with Cancer

Encouraging Words
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Cancer stands for change



Encouraging Words from Cancer Survivors to Others with Cancer

"Choose to walk the path no matter how difficult

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3. My heartfelt advice to all cancer patients is: Choose to invest the energy in yourself. Drop all wording in your mind that says you have a problem. This may be an old pattern for you, but it is not a pattern you need to continue. If you release shame and blame and then choose to walk the path, full of forgiveness for each misstep along the way, picking yourself up when you fall, loving yourself when you stumble, embracing yourself with full love and understanding each step of the way, you will not only succeed, but will live a blessed life indeed on the journey". - Diane, survivor of breast cancer


"Life Challenge as an Opportunity for Transformation

There is a formula for manifesting change. It was not hard, but it needed my full commitment  and I had to learn to be patient! When I was running on empty and on the brink of giving up, my mentor went right to the heart of what was driving me. No matter what the Challenge, with faith, determination and your health creation team, you will get through it. So never quiet Believing. Just Remember, You Can Do It!" - Elizabeth, survivor of Hodgin


"Don't ask why this is your lot.

It took me a long time to accept that I had colon cancer until I came to the conclusion: It is what it is. And along the way, there was much learning and growth. Along the way, I was called to show courage and forbearance and become a much stronger person than I would be without this burden. I just had to allow it to be this. It was not more an affliction but it became a character builder. This pattern became the victory of my lifetime, the  emotion of distress and failure vanished. Know that it may takes you an entire lifetime, but that the healing path is worth the climb, it is worth the effort, and in the end or along the way, you will be released from old burdens, you will be able to set it down and soar. The Health creation Programme came just at the right time. I could not have done the work alone, my mentor was always with me and encouraging me. - Rachel C.


"Do not give up on yourself

Do not think that this journey is futile; it is not. You have within you whatever it takes to rise to the challenges of your life. You have all the strength, all the courage, all the heart that is needed to take on the greatest challenges you face. And the greatest challenges are indeed often these, the old patterns, so ingrained that you sometimes feel powerless before them, so ingrained that you even forget that you are making choices every moment of every day. But you are. The next step is consciousness, bringing to the forefront the choices that you are making, moment - to - moment, pulling them out of old habit and into conscious choice. This was not something which happened to me overnight, but with the gentle support of my mentor, who kept me on track, when I got lost, I was able to do the work I needed to do.

"The first step that I took on my journey to health was the crucial one.It was important for me to find the yearning in my being and to let go of the past. I asked myself everyday the same question over and over again: Are you enjoying yourself ,Richard? Do you feel you are getting the most out of life and that you’re on the right path to achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Or do you feel life’s become a little routine, boring, or maybe a bit of a worry.

I encourage everyone to do the best you can, to pull these old ghosts out of the drawers and closets of your being and expose them to the light of love". - Richard



 "The first step that I took on my journey to health was the crucial one.

It was important for me to find the yearning in my being and to let go of the past. I asked myself everyday the same question over and over again: Are you enjoying yourself, Jane? Do you feel you are getting the most out of life and that you’re on the right path to achieving everything you’ve ever dreamed of? Or do you feel life’s become a little routine, boring, or maybe a bit of a worry.

At one point on my cancer journey I started to ask myself those big and deep questions and searched inside myself for answers to ‘why am I here? Or what am I supposed to be doing that I’m not doing at this moment?’ My inner guide answered gentle but firm: It’s not just loving what your doing, but also believing that what you’re doing is important. I had to get ill with cancer to receive this wake up call. I had nothing to loose. I was unhappy in my work, so I left my job and followed my passionate interest in photography. I never left the house without a camera. Enrolled in a photography course, which gave me so much joy and lifted my spirit, which in itself broad healing to my body. My work is now much more than “just work.” - S. McGuire


 "Cancer stands for Change.

If you misuse it chances nobody will notice or care much. Most will only have seen the surface of it anyway. They'll know that you were a good, law-abiding person, who raised a family, held down a job, walked the dog, and kept your lawn trimmed. Indeed, you were a perfectly acceptable citizen of the world and a credit to the human race. They won't know that the whole time you were yearning to learn the flute, to open a coffee shop, or to live in France. Or maybe you wanted to be a farmer or teacher, or studies art, or work with animals. You kept those dreams to yourself, living your perfectly acceptable life of quiet desperation.


Deep inside you may be believed you weren't worthy of pursuing the thing you wanted most, or that to do so would be selfish. Anyway, it was just too difficult to accomplish. It would take too long, cost too much, or be too inconvenient, so why even try? So the years passed. Your dream faded a little bit more. You got older.

Time passes whether you're working toward your goals or lying on the couch watching television. It passes whether you're actively planning your trip of a country of your dreams or just day - dreaming about it. It passes whether you're taking that art classes, accounting course or sitting around wondering if you should have taken that accounting course. The time to follow your passion, whatever it may be, is now. Whether you're starting out or starting over, you won't get a better time than now to get started". - Anna D.


 "Live with passion! - Passion is the genesis of genius.

In the spirit of focusing on passion, in your case, everyday passion that may lead to stress relief and a better life, I want to encourage you to look at the benefits of adding some activities about, which you are passionate, into your life. First, engaging in activities, which you are passionate about. This can help keep your mind off of what stress you and will distract you from your illness. Engaging with your passion, your yearning or calling will in return enhance your immune system (my one was art history).



We must let go of all anxiety and worry. We simply release all of the things that are holding us back. Sometimes it helps to write the names of our worries on helium balloons and release them. Watching our worries float away can be healing. If you feel you are indeed trying to push the river, it is time to let go. You must focus on the things that you love, the things that you are thankful for, the things that you enjoy.


Make a list of things that you love, and actually do something on the list. You will soon find you are totally immersed in the project - in your own flow.   "Flow" is that state where you get so focused on what you're doing that you lose a sense of time and are thinking neither of the past or the future, but are fully engaged in the present moment, much like with different types of meditation or mindfulness exercises. Then, when you get back to the stressors in your life, they induce less stress or none at all! Following my passion has helped me to relieve the stress of my cancer treatment and in my old immensely stressful job. My cancer pushed me out of my old comfort zone. In fact, I turned my passion into a new profession, as an art historian".- Martha O.


  "The only one that can walk your path is YOU

The universe is a sea of infinite possibilities and the only thing that hinders our progress is our mindset. At any given time there are two voices playing in our heads. Which voice we listen to makes all the difference. We often heed the compelling voice of reason that tells us that great force and strength must be exerted to create real change- whether it be physically at the gym, or verbally through our language, the harsh or loud tone of our voice, even the imposing suit or uniform we wear to work each day that creates a perception of power. Yet equally mighty and far less energy zapping is the ability to yield and surrender.


In an economy when all around us are urging us of the necessity of taking action and oftentimes drastic steps to change what we don't like about our situation, I invite you to balance all the frenzy that doing creates and be in a state of receiving and simply being. Take a yoga class, get a massage and speak to those that have hurt you with kindness and an awareness that they too are on the path going through their own challenges and struggles. Sit with your own sadness, your pain and your anxiety without pushing it away or dwelling in it. Surrender is not apathy or not caring. It is simply acknowledging the Is-ness of the situation as it currently stands and recognizing is impermanence. -Jonathan S.


 "You are the writer, the painter, the director and the maker of your life.

I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer stage 3 and healed myself with natural medicine. 

My opinion of myself often came from what people said to me and how they treated me. Everyday I visualized the following image in my mind (and on canvas). 

Perhaps you will find this idea also helpful, so I"m sharing it with you:

Imagine yourself as a blank canvas. When you hear negative comments, if you take them to heart and start to believe them, you are letting others splash paint on your canvas. They can make of you what they like; your sense of who you are is then defined by other people’s opinions. This is their arrogance winning over your confidence; it leaves you confused, doubting, miserable and self-loathing. You are allowing them to tell you who you are. You have no control and no significance in your own life.

Truthfully, your canvas is not blank. You are covered in complex painted images, accumulated throughout your life. You are a painting, complex and unique in your own way. You are the only one who holds the paintbrush, because your self-esteem is all in your own mind. The only one who is living your life, the only one who has the right to decide what you are is you. People may mistake you for a blank canvas but that simply isn’t true. You are a complete painting already, with your own talents, interests, values and thoughts.


All paintings invite interpretation. That’s as far as others can go; they can interpret you, but they cannot change what’s on your canvas. Art critics are not painters. Some people enjoy portraits, some enjoy nature scenes. Just because someone does not understand or appreciate your personality, they do not change you. You are no less valuable. Some people hate Picasso’s paintings but he is still one of the greatest artists in history. His work speaks for itself.

What’s on your canvas? What do you believe in, what are you good at and what have you done in your life? Nobody can change those things. Frame your painting, study it, and own it. It’s the only one of its kind". - Mandy N.



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