Online Consultations

We are often asked by our patients and clients can we treat them and their family members or friends with Homeopathy and our Health and Life Mentor and Coach Service who do not live in the Galway area or in Ireland. Up till recently that has not been possible, until they made a trip to our clinic in Loughrea or Galway.

Now with the use of Skype on - line with a web - cam, we are now able to offer a face to face consultation, "in person" at our clinics.

If you do not live close to us, or unable to get to one of our clinics , we offer the opportunity, i.e.homeopathic health care to still have a consultation with us, using the Skype network. Using Skype with web cam offers the next best way in being able to provide for those that live outside the area of the west of  Ireland but still have an "in - person" type experience.

In this way it is sitting with us face to face, i.e. with your homeopath, mentor or coach regardless where you might be in the world.

The cost of this service includes a consultation, a single homeopathic remedy when you consult Gráinne - Freya Hammond as a homeopath.

If you would like to book an online Skype consultation with us, please complete the steps outlined below.

Contact us to notify us of your intentions.

Purchase your consultation with us using the PayPal connection provided.

We will acknowledge recipe of your payment and organise to arrange a time for the consultation.

If you are interested in a Skype consultation you     can contact us by email via our website.




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