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A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle. - Japanese Proverb


It can be hard to talk about how it feels to have cancer. But talking can help, even though it's hard to do. Many people find that they feel better when they share their thoughts and feelings with their close family and friends.

Friends and family members may not always know what to say to you. Sometimes they can help by just being good listeners. They don't always need to give you advice or tell you what they think. They simply need to show that they care and are concerned about you.

You might find it helpful to talk about your feelings with people who aren't family or friends. 

  • Having someone to listen to you is so important when you have a cancer diagnosis and this can be a husband, wife, partner, friend, parent, son or daughter. Sometimes, though   it is difficult for people to be totally honest about their         feelings and problems for fear of upsetting those close to them.
  • When you're affected by cancer you want to know there's always someone you can turn to for help. Someone who can answer your questions, whatever they may be. When you're living with cancer, the good days really matter. The day you get some answers about your treatment, or about benefits, or just have a chat with someone who understands. We're here to help you have more good days.


Talking... and be listened to... can help make today a good day. "Being able to chat with someone who understands..."You don't need a reason to call. Just talking to someone who understands can be the best way to get through a bad day.

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