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If this is your first baby, you're probably excited and may be apprehensive about labour and birth. If you know nothing about birth and have no idea what you're supposed to do with your baby once you've got it, these classes are designed for you. 

I will start from the beginning, and take you on a learning journey that will help you to gain confidence and to have an understanding of what happens during your labour and birth. Birth is a normal life event, but like any other, you’ll manage much better if you know more about it before it happens. Baby care and feeding are part of the course too; it may be hard to imagine now, but at the end of labour you’ll be a parent!

Your pregnancy is a special time. Let me help you celebrate it by making it as healthy and happy as possible. The Antenatal Classes aim is to give you the tools and information you need to cope with labour, birth and the first days with your baby with confidence. I want you to have a positive, happy birth experience so that you’ll remember the day your baby was born as one of the best days of your life.



Booking your place early is recommended

If you find group sessions uncomfortable I offer individualized tailored Private Antenatal Classes 

  • I would like to empower you and your birth partner to be confident in your ability to give birth with a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

  • The Aim of the classes is to provide information on all aspects     of pregnancy and childbirth. My approach to childbirth is based on, my believe that women are powerful beings who are often transformed during pregnancy and childbirth and mothering.
That transformation can be magnificent or stunned, depending on the support they are given and the belief they have in themselves and their bodies. Likewise, the process of birth can be a loving and welcoming transformation for the baby, or traumatic and harsh, depending on the awareness we have for their senses and how careful we are to protect the mother- baby dyad.

  • I will focus on your and your partners emotional well -being.     I'm a constant supportive companion to you and your partner,     to help you, the mother, to release your baby out of the loving cocoon of your womb.

  • I will help you to understand medical terms and procedures during your pregnancy and childbirth.

  • I will support you to create a birth plan, tailored to your needs.    A birth plan communicates the way you’d like to approach your labour and can be an effective tool when used with other members of your birth team – A way to express your wishes in a concise and straightforward way to your team.

  • I will help you with knowledge that enables you to make informed choices regarding labour, so that you can have the best birthing experience of your baby.

  • I will support you in writing a journal of your journey into motherhood, labour and childbirth. This special journal will provide memories of these magical moments.

  • I will not replace your partner, but will work together with him/her and your midwife to support you.

  • I will not perform any clinical procedures or give medical advice.

  • When a woman feels safe and secure during pregnancy and childbirth, she can trust her own body to give birth, while she constantly reassured by her partner, doula and midwife. This often minimises obstetrical intervention and increases your chances of a normal and natural birth.


  • I can teach you about pregnancy and labour and caring for your baby. I will tell you what to expect when you go into hospital, what procedures may be needed and the reasons    for them. Understanding what may happen during labour makes you less anxious. It is also helpful to visit the hospital where you plan to have your baby.  All this will help you to relax and feel better.

  • To any woman with any birthing history i.e. new parents and parents with prior vaginal and / or cesarean birth. The classes are innovative and experimental in design. They help women gain confidence in their ability to birth, and help birth companion become aware of ways they can make labor safer and more comfortable. The classes are interactive and provide both physical and emotional preparation for birth. My programme is suitable for parents planning a hospital,          birthing center or home birth.

  • Parents to be are encourage to take ante-natal classes early    in pregnancy, or even prior to pregnancy, as this is an optimal time for identifying and exploring birth, interviewing caregivers and choosing a birthplace that feels safe. The sooner you start the sooner you can relax into your pregnancy and enjoy this special time without any anxiety or any dread of labour.

  • A WOMAN'S PARTNER is often the most important support and influence she will have, will be the only person who can speak on her behalf and loves her better than anyone else can. Because of this, I don't believe a partner should be a labor coach but rather should be given the space and support to have his/her own emotional and spiritual experience of becoming a parent.


               Trust in Birth 

      Active Birth Workshop

Gives you the grounding you need to best prepare you for childbirth. During this workshop, you will discover how to give birth actively and naturally. For both mother and baby, birth is instinctive. Most births can progress without complications with little or no help. For some women the journey of birth can be pain free or even ecstatic.

What can happen in labour is also unpredictable and can sometimes be more challenging than expected. When this happens, knowing how and when to make the best use of medical back up can ensure a good experience and a safe birth for your baby.

The course will include:

  • Overcome fear and help your baby to be born.
  • How to actively work with your body and trust your instincts
  • Understand the birth process
  • Relax and let it happen.

Topics covered:
  • How to create extra space in your pelvic outlet

  • The anatomy and physiology of birth.

  • Films of natural birth.

  • Breath and relaxation techniques to increase your ability to maximise your own pain relieving abilities.

  • How to keep labour progressing.

  • Labouring and birthing positions.

  • Practical tips on stress reduction in the hospital environment.

  • Partner’s role and ideas for maximising their support.

  • Optimal foetal positioning

  • Perineal care

  • The benefits and risks of medical interventions and drugs during labour and their effects on you and your baby.

  • Massage and acupressure to assist labour and reduce pain.

  • Active Birth, movements and positions

  • Relaxation and breathing awareness

  • Positive visualisations and affirmations

  • Massage and pressure points for labour

  • Creating an optimal birth environment

  • Partner participation

  • Complementary therapies you can use in labour

  • Back-up and medical interventions - when and how best to use them.

  • Welcoming your new baby

Research shows that women who attended regular pregnancy and childbirth preparation classes and have a well prepared birth partner during labour ( and may be a doula)



To Avoid Induction

  • Take time to relax from about 6 weeks before the estimated due time for your baby. This helps to provide the right environment for your hormones to build and soften your cervix.

  • Get support for any emotional or anxiety problems you have that may build your stress levels – Homeopathy is specifically helpful for this as you will be receive councelling as part of your consultation.

  • There are some homeopathic remedies available to help encourage labour, however you will need to consult a qualified homeopath for more information on dosages.
Unless it is recommended by an experienced homeopath you should NOT TAKE the homeopathic remedy CAULOPHYLUM (or Black Cohosh) for the sake to go overdue!) As a woman expecting a baby, it is important to understand what the process will be during your labor.
This encompasses an understanding of not only the labor and contractions, and what they signify, but also an understanding of the cervical dilation process, how it is measured and what steps your obstetrician can take to encourage a vaginal delivery when your cervix does not dilate.

  • Get used the idea of a due month rather than a due date, which can be anything from 38 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. If you and your baby are healthy and your pregnancy has been trouble free, don’t be pressured into taking induction as a given.



The baby will come when he / she is ready – sometimes no matter what you will to happen, baby will not come when we would most like it!
The greatest gift you can give your baby right now is the gift of choosing his own birth date, should the both of you be healthy. As they say in China: ‘When the fruit is ready, it will fall off the vine’. Sometimes this saying applies to pregnancy.”

 Homeopathy for Pregnancy &  Childbirth

      << before conception





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