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  • Illness as an Opportunity
The Message of Illness


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Who is the real doctor? - The Mind of the Patient.

 On the mental level we have to be equipped with empowering ideas about ourselves, our life, and the surrounding world. This means that our life is meaningful, that we came to earth with a purpose, that what what we do is good for ourselves, for others and for the world, that we have a positive outlook.

On the emotional level we need joy, feelings of love for ourselves and others, for nature, the earth and the universe. We need the ability to express our emotions, even those that are commonly labeled as negative: anger, grief, irritability, for example.

On the physical level we need a good immune system, capable of cleaning our body of indisposing bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc.


 “A sacred illness is one that educates us and alters us from the inside out, provides experiences and therefore knowledge that we could not possibly achieve in any other way, and aligns us with a life path that is, ultimately, of benefit to ourselves and those around us.”

Illness can develop as a consequence of behavioral patterns and attitudes that we do not realize are biologically toxic until they have already become so. We cannot seek to heal an illness without first looking into what behavioral patterns and attitudes need to be altered in our life.


Even though this is a natural and necessary part of our growth, it is often painful or, if we don’t realize what’s happening, confusing and disorienting. In fact, confusion and disorientation are often the messengers that tell us a shift is taking place within us. These shifts happen throughout the lives of all humans, as we move from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond. With each transition from one phase to another, we find ourselves saying good-bye to an old friend, the identity that we formed in order to move through that particular time.  


We are alternating between periods of breakneck speed transformation and achingly slow gaps of stillness, like when we are ill. In the fast periods we focus on movement and doing what we need to in order to stay focused and grounded. And in the slow periods we are challenged to stay grounded and address whatever is presented to us until the next period of movement.

We want the movement because that proves we are making progress and yet it is the slow periods in which we make our strongest advances. It is the difference between traveling on a fast-moving train, where the countryside zips by and walking, where we see every landmark in detail. But we would rather skip the details because they represent more work, clearing, healing, release and choices.

And  then we throw down the cloak of misery and look to God and say “See, here I am in my misery, re you going to help me now?” We get nothing in reply. Because it’s not about being miserable enough, it’s about finding joy and do what we can do to help ourselves in the first place.


What we do not see is the debris that the transformation has kicked up, which is waiting for us to take action, to look at what has been dredged up in our lives and to work on it. So it is important what we do in these slow times. What is calling to us that we are avoiding? Where is our resistance in the process? No one wants to cover ground they have been over again and again but there are no shortcuts and as we move further into ascension. We often have to go backwards with a new perspective and take another look at ourselves, do more release work as we uncover deeper wounds, greater fears and more stuck places.  


God won’t take us out of our misery, that’s our job. But we will have doors open when we seek for the joy and goodness in our life.

I notice that so much of our human experience contains a conditioning to deny our body messages or mistrust our own thoughts, feelings, impulses and desires. We have to work to survive, so we ignore our pain or our fatigue and keep at it to get the job done.
We sometimes get the message that in if we experience emotional or physical pain we literally or figuratively slap on a band-aid, take an aspirin and keep going. Or we cover it up with alcohol, recreational drugs, sex, TV, shopping, gambling, binging or some other addiction. We have very little time for anything that feeds us or sustains us and become very disconnected from ourselves. If we have experienced trauma in our past, that disconnection may be more severe.

You may prefer to believe that any illness you experience is entirely due to something external, rather than having anything to do with your own thoughts, feelings or behaviour. You may prefer to believe that it is inherited or due to a foreign substance such as an virus, bacteria or pollution. Getting ill invariably feels something over which you have no control, that you are simply the helpless victim.


Despite living inside your body for so many years, when something goes wrong it can feel as if you are living inside a complete stranger. Illness can make you feel disconnected, unable to understand how this stranger works or why it has stopped working. However, the more you look into the causal chain of illness, the further you go beyond the more obvious, physical reasons, to ever more subtle layers of non - physical emotional connections. 

My sense is that the spirit and the psyche will only let one disconnect from oneself for so long before some health crisis develops to get one’s attention. And here is the opportunity in crisis.


How can we change what we don’t like and become more of what we want when there seems to be so much of what you don’t like? How do we face our own truth and use that information to our benefit?

The truth we see may be a lack of love, abundance, great fear or confusion. It may be a lifetime of powerless choices, a lack of joy and harmony or of not receiving what we want or need from others. We may see where we made the same choice again and again, despite our spiritual knowledge and understanding. You may see the difficulties you experienced and how you created them.

It comes to us as a reminder of where we were not standing in your power, were in fear or doubt or forgot your own divinity. It is not there to remind you of our imperfections, although that is what we might see. The truth of our past is not the truth of our present moment. The truth is revealed when we are ready to resolve our lessons and create new realities.


               FREE YOURSELF



We have not listened to the many smaller messages. The messages that our body, our emotions, and our spirit have been trying bring to us.

Link: When your body speaks  When your body speaks , The message of Illness  message of illness 

So the message expands into an intense experience of emotional suffering. The disconnection may have become so severe it shows up as an experience of non-ordinary state of consciousness in which one hears or sees things others do not.

This intense experience can be frightening and may feel threatening. It may certainly feel overwhelming to the one experiencing it and for the loved ones trying to respond. Yet, when viewed from the perspective of opportunity there is a possibility for completion of a larger process. Seen from this lager perspective, this breakdown can become part of a process of breakthrough. From the perspective of opportunity there is no need to pathologize the experience.

Since we have an unquenchable human spirit and the psyche is coded to survive, I believe we can actually face into almost anything. We can learn how to breathe through our fear. We can learn to use calming and grounding techniques. We can learn that by facing into that which scares us the most, we can reclaim our power and our passion.






I am NOT saying thoughts and emotions create cancer but I do feel they go a long way towards encouraging its growth. More and more people around the world are learning of the profound effects thoughts have on our bodies. The mind is more powerful than we give it credit for and I do believe we have the power to heal ourselves in many instances. It is true that illness causes negative thought patterns and research is showing now that these same thoughts also cause illness.

Every cell in our body is affected by thought, and repetitious thoughts over decades leads to impaired cells and their ability to function in full capacity, which then leads to an under function of our immune system.

If we do not listen to our souls and intuition and do not follow our true path your health will suffer. Thoughts and repressed emotions stored in the body - over time manifested as dis-ease. We also have to bear in mind that our surroundings, environment and our own particular response to it, can lead to illness.
Many of us feel we are missing out - not enough money, not having the perfect partner or job, house, car... There is always something we are lacking because advertising and society tell us this, hundreds of times per day. Thus we feel we have to gain more and more in order to feel peace and contentment.
We create masks (the mask) around ourselves to be the people we believe we have to be in order to obtain these wonderful achievements. We put ourselves under pressure to get approval from others to affirm to us that what we are doing is right even though it gives us no lasting satisfaction. Because most other people are doing the same we conclude that we are normal as we run ourselves into the ground gaining possessions and titles while being desperately unhappy underneath.



A connection to our sickness and asking the deeper meanings behind it without guilt or blame can lead to greater clarity of ourselves and our place on the planet in this lifetime. Illness can lead us to being the best we can be at whatever we come here to do. During the process of healing, you may heal from your illness, but then again you may not! Emerging from illness with greater awareness does not necessarily mean cure of that illness. Sometimes it is too late for the body, but it is never too late for the mind and emotions to heal.


One can learn to accept ones flaws and yet totally love oneself, accepting that honesty and truth with oneself is always the best way to go. Life is the greatest gift one can be given. When you look for the gift in whatever comes into your life, you take yourself out of victim mode and empower yourself to gain from the experience.

What we need to learn is that the journey is always much more important than the destination and true wisdom allows us to enjoy life because our self worth is not attached to how much we earn or own.


So why are we so afraid to fail? Why do most of us never find our “music”? most of us have some degree of perfectionism in us, and it is very likely the reason we don’t try new things, learn new material, or even go outside our comfort zones. While that may be safe, it’s certainly not growing, and growth is why we’re here. Our soul knows exactly what we need and directs us to the perfect opportunities for us to learn and for it to experience, but we let our fears take over.


Take an honest inventory of what’s important and focus on these areas.

What are your gifts, your talents, you have already contributed to the world? You're playing small does not serve the World. We all have particular gifts and talents which are unique to us. You can shun them away or deceit to master them.

The world as you know it change once you set yourself upon a course of action to master something, anything in life. To master something does not mean always that you will arrive at a your specific destination and then move on to the next thing. It is about learning the quirks, the shakes and the movements of who and how you are. Everyone is unique, especially how we view ourselves.


Most people hold a belief about themselves which is self limiting and does not provide positive support for their own personal growth. That is the tricky part; our own self – limiting beliefs hold us back.

Imagine, you could do anything you would like to do. What would that be? How would you begin, who could help you if you need help? These questions will make you realize that it is not beyond your reach.

You may say, I’m not healthy enough, I have no time or money. But belief me, you can do it anyway, these are often excuses, driven by lack of confidence or fear. Ones you make the first important step, even the smallest ones, you will see that the universe will support you in getting stronger and helps you in discovering and developing your skills.


Let go for the next few weeks of the self limiting beliefs you may have about yourself and be present with those people in your life. This may be a little bit rough at first, as your partner, family, friends or people who know you have a firm idea of who we are to them and how they like us to perform in their life. When this gets shaken up, well, not everyone responds with open arms, which was certainly also my experience during my own transformation.

Something that may have worked for you in the past and is not serving you anymore.

You will have to allow you the freedom and the flow to move with what is given to you at any moment. You must be willing to let go…and surrender to what you are seeking. Whatever will transpire in the weeks of your transformation, will stay with you for life. You are participating and develop a part of yourself that brings truth to you. That truth brings either joy or sorrow to you.

It all depends on how you see yourself in your own self development. The victim is the one life is happening to, the hero is the one who is creating her/ his life no matter what. (link criticising yourself criticizing yourself 

How we see our path to our purpose or how we develop the path to our purpose is a reflection to who we truly seek to be. It can come in a flash of insight or wonder at the new unfolding self. 


Here are some things that I have been working on: surrender, unconditional love, sexuality, relationships, compassion, true to myself, respect, understanding the human condition. These are only some of the things or qualities that I myself have been working towards my life.

Cancer made me take a closer look at this and how I spend my days. Realizing that they might be limited, I was determined to make them as good as possible. Each day was a gift and not a given right. I have asked myself every morning: If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I'm about to do today? This was an important tool for me to start my day and to make choices for my life. 


Getting very clear on what you want in your life is utmost importance. Make a list of all things that you want to see take place, future outcomes, in situations, with people, in places and locations, in your work and profession, that you desire to see or feel in your life. Be aware of the energy you send out, the thoughts that come out of your mind. Feel what makes sense to you and know that that is what will manifest for you. Remind yourself that it must come from your heart, not your mind or ego.

Questions To Help You Create Positive Beliefs About Healing

  • Do your beliefs give you strength during illness? If not are you ready to find ones that do?
  • In a health crisis, what role does intuition play?     How far would you go to trust it?
  • How do you treat yourself when you get sick or are in pain? If you're self-critical how can you turn that into self-compassion?
  • Do you believe love can heal? How about humor? Are you willing to put them to the test?

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