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Pregnancy & Childbirth Made Easier with Homeopathy

The use of homeopathic medicine are safe and effective way to help with the treatment of some of the many conditions that may arise during the course of ones pregnancy.

Homeopathy – can help through all stages of pregnancy and birth. By strengthening the mothers’ immune system through ‘constitutional’ treatment you can be assured of as healthy a pregnancy and birth as possible. The more in balance a pregnant mother is the smoother labour is likely to proceed, and the greater chance of giving birth to a healthy vibrant baby.


Aside from strengthening your immune system, homeopathy can help to alleviate the common discomforts of pregnancy such as:

  • morning sickness
  • mood swings
  • constipation
  • varicose veins
  • hemorrhoids
  • backaches
  • vomiting
  • high or low blood pressure
  • restless legs
  • sleeplessness
  • painful joints
  • skin complaints

Homeopathy is a wonderful system of medicine for women in their childbearing years, when anxiety about the side effects of conventional medicine often leads them to suffer rather than seek help for minor aches and pains. It is a unique healing approach that will build confidence and a
deeper understanding of pregnancy and the birthing process.
Homeopathy is ideal for women in our childbearing years because it's a gentle system of medicine that is safe, non-toxic and non addictive - yet effective.  Unfortunately, during pregnancy, too many of us suffer the discomfort of minor complaints rather than seek treatment because we are concerned about the side effects on our unborn children and ourselves from many common drugs. However, it is not always necessary to suffer through pregnancy, as homeopathic medicines and other natural methods are available to relieve symptoms - and best of all they are beneficial for you and your child. 
Homeopathic medicines are safe because they are so highly diluted so that only a minute amount of the source substance is used in their preparation.  Even so, well-used, homeopathic remedies can act as a catalyst to help your immune system and vitality to function at its optimum. By stimulating your vitality in pregnancy, homeopathy can benefit both you and your baby.  By becoming as healthy as possible during pregnancy, you can give your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive, and help to prevent future complications as much as possible.


Homeopathic treatment during pregnancy can be ideal since it offers the advantage of being gentle and yet highly effective. The major advantage over orthodox conventional medicine is that treatment is totally free of side effects when used under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. The changing mental and physical state of the expectant mother can give rise to several minor health problems, which can cause much discomfort.       
Homeopathic remedies are safe to take under the guidance from an experienced practitioner. The remedies work gently by boosting the natural energy of the pregnant woman.  For some women pregnancy can be an anxious or worrying time and homeopathic treatment can be very effective in addressing underlying fears to restore a sense of well being and equilibrium. There are a number of areas that we can address using homeopathy for pregnancy.
There is the preconception care, whereby if you do have any health concerns, I can address these to help get to a healthier place for when you get pregnant.
Pre-natal Consultations are available for you and your partner to learn about the main remedies needed during the three stages of labour and birth and how to recognise their key symptoms.

Secondly, during the course of your pregnancy, various conditions can arise, such as:

  • Morning sickness, vomiting, fatigue, hemorrhoids, backaches, varicose veins, constipation, digestive disturbances, bodily pain that occur as the pregnancy progresses, as well as any relapse, or aggravation of one's current conditions can be helped using homeopathy.

  • Mood swings, erratic feelings and supporting the stressful feeling that might occur can be helped.

  • In the later stages it can support the woman during labour and is an empowering option for the management of pain. It is also effective in helping a number of possible problems that can occur such as slow dilation of the cervix, exhaustion, and many more problems, which might occur during labour.

  • After you have given birth to your child your homeopath can support you in your new role as a mother and help you with any problems which might occur, like breastfeeding difficulties, emotional imbalances, healing of any wounds (Episiotomy, Cesarean section…), colic’s, teething problems or any other conditions with your baby.

  • Homeopathy is also excellent in supporting both the mother and child after the delivery, sometimes there are be the post - partum blues, mastitis or slow recoveries, as well as if the child has any heath concerns. Homeopathy is easy and safe and effective in helping you along.

In my many years of experience in practice I have helped countless women in their pregnancies, both during and after, as well with any problem that might arise with their child. So if you are thinking about what homeopathy could do to help you with your pregnancy, let  my experience help you guide you. Give me a call or contact me to make an appointment in either of my clinics in Loughrea or Galway, or just to have a cat to see how I can help you.


  • The use of homeopathic medicine during labour (preferably during pregnancy too) is an excellent natural option. Many women opt for natural systems to help them through this difficult time in preference to or even along side conventional options. Homeopathy can be used to deal with many potential problems that may arise during labour including:

  • Emotional distress
  • Failure to progress
  • Fear
  • Pain relief

    Many women fear that labor will be painful, but we now know that fear can actually contribute to labor pain. So prepare for your baby’s birth with childbirth education to better understand the process and with relaxation training (e.g., self-hypnosis) to reduce fear and lessen or eliminate discomfort.

     Pain relief in labour

    If pain does become problematic during labor, homeopathy can work quickly and safely to relieve you. For example, if you experience extreme pain in the back during labor (“back labor”), certain homeopathic remedies (e.g., Kali carbonicum) can be very effective.
    Homeopathy has a long history of helping the laboring woman in many other ways as well. For example, if exhaustion overwhelms you or if labor has stalled and is not progressing, a well-chosen homeopathic remedy can set you right and get your labor back on track. Of course, you will likely need an experienced homeopathic prescriber at your side during labor to help you select a remedy.


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     This workshop is for you and your partner to learn about the main remedies needed during the three stages of labour and birth and how to recognise their symptoms.

          Your partner is free to join

    This workshop will help you get to know some of the most common remedies used for: morning sickness, constipation, sciatica, swelling, slow labours, fast labours, exhaustion, bruising, emotional highs and lows, recovery from c-sections, tearing and episiotomies, and general recovery for you and your baby.

    This will be a safe space for mums and dads (to be) to come and ask questions and will include discussion of the context of homeopathy, how remedies are made, how they are tested, dosage, repetition, and potency, which symptoms are safe to treat at home and which are best left to the professionals, plus case examples from my practice.

     You will learn:

    • The basic principles of homeopathy and how remedies work with the body.

    • How to determine a remedy picture and select the most appropriate remedy.

    • The remedies most frequently used for specific situations in labour.

    • The remedies needed for different types of labour
    • The remedies to promote healing after birth.
    • Learn how to
    • Use homeopathy to prevent complications and to manage them if they should occur.

    • Select homeopathic medicines for your individual birth kit.

    • Know if you really need to induce labor and how to do it safely and naturally.

    • Manage "false labor"

    • Change the breech baby's presentation prior to labor.

    • Move through emotional distress in order to give birth as calmly and confidently as possible.

    • Manage prolonged, difficult, or dysfunctional labor.

    • Manage back labor and posterior position of the baby.

    • Prevent tearing and episiotomies while giving birth and how to heal them if they should occur.

    • Heal physically and emotionally after a difficult delivery or a cesarean section.

    • Ease the newborn's transition into the world



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