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With the arrival of a child a complete transformation takes place in the life of a woman. Motherhood brings challenges to a woman and it is not surprising if a woman looses her equilibrium under new circumstances. Her whole life, relationship and situation are changing - a perfect time for an identity crisis to occur. The mother’s mental and emotional health has a very significant bearing on her physical health.

After birth, homeopathic medicine can be used to speed up healing of the mother and the child, allowing the whole experience to be enjoyed more. Homeopathic philosophy encourages and recognises that breast-feeding gives the baby a good start in life. Problems associated with breast-feeding such as mastitis, slow milk supply or sore nipples can be helped with homeopathy. Babies respond beautifully to homeopathic medicines and early problems of infancy such as colic, teething and nappy rash, as well as other more serious problems,which too can be helped. 

Homeopathic medicine can be a wonderful companion for the new mother to prevent any difficulties in this challenging time after birth. It will help her to empower her own healing resources and puts her in charge of her own health.

Mother and baby consultations offer support for mum and baby in the first three months at a lower cost rate. Mother and baby are seen together and remedies are prescribed for both of you if needed.



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