The Health Creation Programme

Changing the Focus in society from the Passive Management of Disease to the Active Creation of Health.

One of the biggest achievements in the field of integrated medicine is the Health Creation Programme, written by Dr. Rosy Daniel. It is the distillation of her 20 years work in this field and can be done by anybody wanting to improve their health, vitality and happiness, and it really works.

Dr Rosy Daniel is an Integrated Medicine Consultant and the author of numerous books on cancer care.  Between 1985 and 1999 she was Medical Director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. She now teaches all over the world on the holistic treatment and prevention of cancer, including cancer nutrition and the mind-body connection, or ‘psycho-neuro-immunology’ (PNI).

The Health Creation Programme pushes beyond health risk appraisals to the wellness dimension of the illness-wellness continuum. Conventional medical care alone will never bring you too the brink of joyfulness, zest for life, and treating the environment responsibly. This programme puts the health back into health care. It is a refreshing approach after years of "strictly by the numbers" Health Risk Appraisals that tell you how old you ought to be or why you are not already dead. Without a doubt, this work manual is the most valuable and useful resource on wellness ever written. It has often been said that there is, unfortunately, no manual for living - but this well-loved book comes pretty close.

The Health Creation Programme is designed to speed recovery by pro-active holistic health promotion and is also relevant to those with other chronic or lifestyle related illness.

The programme helps you to look at all areas of life – the physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and environmental aspects. 

It will help people diagnosed with a life threatening illness and their carer to walk the journey towards health. It will help to make huge differences in the ability of people, not only to cope and get the best treatment, but also to help them to open their own healing potential. It helps you find the best support to get through the shock of diagnosis, make the right treatment decisions and get the best outcome from the treatments. This is ideal if you have just been diagnosed with cancer. It is an interactive workbook.


How can I start to make a change?

Dr. Rosy Daniel:

All the people I’ve worked with that have had serious cancers have said, without exception, “Why did we have to wait to get a diagnosis of our illness before making healthy lifestyle changes? Why did we have to be frightened to death to become fully alive?” They all wish that they had taken the opportunity to put their lives on an authentic footing 30 years before, when they knew something wasn’t right, when all the signals (body, mind and spirit) were saying “This is wrong, my life balance is all wrong”. So, to anybody who has that feeling in their heart that things aren’t right, get going now – whether you decide to use the service of a Health Creation Coach or any one of the other marvelous, life affirming possibilities out there. Listen to your wisdom and start to make changes. Almost all of the remarkable recoveries from cancer that I’ve witnessed happened when people re-discovered their sense of meaning and purpose in life. So take time to find out what makes you feel fully alive, whatever it might be – belly dancing, opera singing, learning to fly jets, anything that gets your juices flowing – because the mind-body connection means that when we are fully energised, fully committed, and loving our life then surprise, surprise, our bodies work best.”

The Programme will lead you gently through:

  • Recovering from the shock and trauma of diagnosis
  • Setting up your own support network
  • Getting the information you need to make the best treatment decisions
  • Making informed treatment decisions which are right for you
  • Preparing for your treatment, psychological, physically and practically
  • Getting the best treatment outcomes with the complementary support and positive visualisation
  • Convalescing properly after treatment 
  • Having creative self - help to deal effectively with symptoms
  • Getting yourself onto the road to recovery


The Carer's Guide provides carers with their own workbook to help them to be the best possible carer whilst also supporting and encouraging them to recognise their own state, identify their needs and form their own coping strategy. The guide helps you to understand and work with your feelings through an emotionally and physically draining time, supporting you to look after your own needs too and thereby enabling you to give the best of yourself in your caring role.



This can now be completed online and in 30-45 minutes your personal Picture of Health will give you real clarity about the current state of your health and lifestyle. You will identify quickly your strengths and vulnerabilities in all areas of mind, body, spirit and environment. With this valuable insight you can plan your Health Creation Goals to achieve optimum health. It can be used to give you a snapshot now of your health and well-being and can also be used as an holistic measurement tool to compare current results with levels achieved after you have made healthy changes or had therapeutic help. In this way you can clearly chart your progress and review your state and needs on a regular basis, fine tuning your Health Creation Goals and Action Plan every month.

Once you log in to perform your first Picture of Health you can keep your results in your own account and return to do the exercise again at regular intervals. You can also complete the exercise in two sittings, as all the work you have done will be stored safely to return to later. This gives you the perfect tool to empower yourself step by step to achieve really positive health, fulfillment and happiness.

The Frontier Cancer Medicine Guide


New treatments that are already in use, whether in the United Kingdom, or other parts of the world. Treatments and methods of delivering treatment that are in development (some of which may have reached clinical trial stage and Areas that show promise for the future.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Guide

This Guide provides an overview of the best-known alternative cancer treatments. The many alternative cancer treatments described in this guide will give you positive choices in making your own treatment plan.       

Cope Positively with Symptoms and Treatment of Cancer: Images for healing cancer CD 

Images for Healing Cancer CD has four powerful visualisations to help the person with cancer to see all the cancer gone from the body, themselves fully healed going on into the future, and a profound healing journey to help them find the keys to their personal healing.

Heal Yourself CD

The Heal Yourself CD has four self-help techniques to experience and learn that will strengthen the body, calm the mind and restore the spirit. These are a relaxation exercise; a ‘stretch and breathe’ exercise, a ‘stillness meditation’ and a ‘compassionate meditation’.

 Message of Hope Video

The video shows inspiring examples of people who have used the holistic approach to transform their lives and recover from cancer. They describe the keys to their success. The video also has supportive messages from Dr Rosy Daniel and the UK’s leading oncologist, Professor Karol Sikora.

 The Cancer Lifeline Recipe Cards

  • Tough Times for going through treatment and severe illness
  • Clean Machine for detoxification, either following intensive treatment or as a starting point on a holistic health programme
  • Eat Right for long term healthy eating.


  • The Health Creation Programme is a structured education     and support programme for people with cancer and their families.

  • The programme was developed by Dr. Rosy Daniel, an internationally renowned Integrated Medical Consultant         and former medical director of the Bristol Cancer Help         Centre, with over 20 years of experience in the field of healthcare, particularly with cancer.

  • The complexities of an individual’s response to the diagnosis  of cancer are well documented. A person’s needs for information and support will change throughout the cancer experience. The Health Creation Programme aims to educate patients and families in order that people gain a greater understanding and can explore ways of managing illness better.

  • A 12-week course of two hours each week provides opportunities for learning, sharing experiences and mutual support in meeting others undergoing a similar experience.

  • The Health Creation Programme enables individuals, teams     or entire organisations to reach their maximum potential for health. It is worked over six months, either independently or with the support of a Health Creation Mentor and is for everyone seeking to optimize their health, whether currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it.

  • From whatever starting point, the Health Creation         Programme will empower you to grow and develop; taking achievable steps in all areas of your life to become healthy  and fully true to yourself. By looking at each area of your        life you will be able to see clearly what is blocking your       health and fulfillment and how you are sabotaging yourself. You will then be given the necessary support and guidance      to confront and remove these obstacles and self-destructive behaviours in order for you to enjoy vibrant health.


 After six months on the Health Creation Programme you will have:

  • Explored your relationship with yourself identified what help you need to become powerful, pro-active and effective in creating your health and happiness
  • Identified your current state and needs and what help you need to deal effectively with any issues you are currently facing.


Why is the Health Creation Programme so effective?

  • Every single step is based on the latest scientific evidence showing the relationship and relevance of all factors,          physical, mental, spiritual and environmental in the creation   of true health.

  • It is based on what has worked for over 20,000 people with whom Dr Daniel has worked during 20 years of holistic integrated medicine practice.

  • Everyone is unique and your Health Creation Goals will be entirely tailored to you.

  • You can be supported and coached every step of the way by our Health Creation Mentors, especially when the going gets tough or you hit your personal blocks or self-destructive tendencies.

  • Helps participants create optimum health, whether they are currently suffering from illness or seeking to prevent it. This programme is very rich, inspiring and has already helped many to reach a new level of health, happiness and personal fulfillment. It is rapidly becoming known as the definitive       guide to integrated cancer medicine. Using the programme, with its Cancer Lifeline Kit and mentoring service, patients with cancer and their families will find the support they need.


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