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We are a team of experienced therapist who are strong advocates for our patients and clients. We have trained with Dr. Rosy Daniel and accredited Mentors of The Health Creation Programme and dedicated to humanizing the medical establishment's approach, empowering patients to play a greater role in their healing process.We wish to bring this powerful life - enhancing Health Creation Programme into both the complementary medicine and allopathic medicine world in Ireland.

Gráinne - Freya Hammond

My life has equipped me with the skills to support my patients and clients with an understanding born from experience. I have experienced many transformational life situations and dynamic turnarounds, which has deepened my understanding and compassion for my clients and people in general.

I have a passionate interest in empowering myself and others to take a more active role in preserving wholeness for the body, mind and spirit. I believe that everyone deserves a chance to shine and show his or her greatness. Everyone has the potential to be whom ever he or she wants to be, the choice is theirs. My talent lies in reaching inside and showing them how they can shine. My belief in them is unwavering, my motivation, dedication and persistence leads them towards positive results in their life.

A life - changing experience with cancer in 1995, reinforced my decision to refocus my work into the area of prevention and wellness. Therefore I felt blessed to discover the Health Creation Programme and to meet Dr. Rosy Daniel, former Medical Director of the famous Bristol Cancer Help Centre. 

I have trained with Dr. Rosy Daniel, now Director of Health Creation England, which enables me to coach individuals more effectively through all aspects of their cancer journey. I'm an accredited Mentor of Health Creation England and Ireland. I have over 17 years extensive work experience in the care and support of individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families. My own experience of having had cancer, the experience of my own healing journey on all levels is helping me to understand the ill person and his family, to support them as an” insider”.

I created The Dynamic Turnaround as a result of my many years of interest in complimentary Medicine, personal and spiritual development. Recently two of my experienced colleagues and Health Professionals have joined the board of directors of The Dynamic Turnaround.

I work with clients who are motivated to go deep within themselves to learn the sacred language of their discomforts and bodily sensations. This is where true healing takes place. This type of inner growth connects the individual to a renewed passion and purpose for their life despite their current challenges. I use a wide range of therapies and mind-body approaches, combined with life and wellness coaching techniques to help others achieve lasting change – moving them from a state of just surviving into one of unbounded flourishing.

My interest in the field of Medicine and Homeopathy, guided me first into the training of paediatric and general nursing and antenatal care before I studied homeopathy. I have a special interest in the care of women, mothers, children and young families.

I have been teaching over 25 years and practicing over 30 years in the field of holistic and complementary medicine. 

The hallmark of my work is a combination of total commitment to high quality individualized help for those in my care and a passionate determination to develop integrated and preventive medicine that is effective and accessible to everyone. I value the changes that I have personally experienced and I feel honored to be able to provide guidance for others on their journey towards wholeness. I continues to bring my wealth of knowledge directly to the patients, propelling me to the forefront of integrative medicine in patient care.

I'm an accredited Mentor of Health Creation England and Ireland. I'm  also a registered Homeopath with the Irish Society for Homeopaths and is a fully insured Therapist.

I have practiced and taught homeopathy throughout Europe, the Far East, New Zealand, Israel and the Ukraine. I'm the founder the Health - Creation Cancer Care and ISIS – Active Birth Centre.

I'm working also from my practice in the Abbeyfield Clinic in Loughrea.

I'm also a proud mother of four adult children. One of my passions is Art and in my free time I love to spend time in my studio.

 Giselle Marrinan

Hello, my name is Giselle Marrinan and I am a Life Coach, Stress Management Consultant, Hypnotherapist and marketing consultant for small holistic practices.

I am frequently asked what my background is and why I became involved in Self- Development Training. So here is a brief history. After university and a few years working in the NHS, I decided to enter the commercial world. For over 10 years I have held senior management roles in sales and marketing in a large multinational company. Having started out my career in this company as a sales representative covering London in a highly competitive market, I progressed through the ranks of marketing and sales management to my final step as sales director.

Whilst working, I continued to build my knowledge in my spare time by studying NLP, gaining a diploma in hypnotherapy from Birbeck College at the University of London, completing a course in basic counseling skills at Canterbury University and becoming a Silva graduate in 1996. I had an insatiable thirst for learning about the human psyche and helping to improve my communication skills with others.

During my time with this company, I lost a friend to breast cancer. As she was a contemporary of mine, I realized that nothing lasts forever and that the tomorrow you plan for may never arrive. This coupled with the death of my dad around the same time made me take a long hard look at my life and forced me out of my comfort zone.

Working in the highly stressful commercial environment and having spent the best part of my youth growing up in Belfast at the height of the ‘troubles’ , I decided that it might be a good idea to learn some coping strategies. So with this in mind I undertook a diploma in Stress Management. Once qualified, I became a stress management trainer working with individuals and organisations and formed a company with a colleague in London called EMPOWER. This was a part time business but was a step towards a goal which became a reality in 2006.

My latest venture since arriving back in Ireland was to set up a new holistic business with two of my colleagues called The Dynamic Turnaround. This is possibly the most daring career move of my life but definitely the most exciting. Whilst training to be a life coach with Newcastle College, I looked back over my life to see where the common threads were in my career choices and what gave me the biggest buzz in everything I did – the answer shot out at me like a bolt of lightning.

My passion was and is seeing people be the best they can and empowering them to lead a full and happy life. I realized that although my corporate life fulfilled some of my passion for mentoring people, particularly in a sales management role, it wasn’t really fulfilling my life’s mission. So the question arose, how could I encourage others to be true to themselves when I wasn’t prepared to take the leap of faith myself? Hence my resignation from my permanent job at the end of 2005 to my present career.

I may have taken the scenic route to get here but every step along the way has given me the experience, education and drive to train and empower people to design the life they choose to live. If you asked me if I have had any regrets – not one, I am at last living my dream!

Eileen Joyce

I'm a therapist with over 20 years experience in the field of Holistic Health. As director of Slanu Cancer Help Centre, and as a Biodynamic Psychotherapist, my life's work has been about inspiring and empowering individuals and groups towards health and well-being.
I have extensive experience with International Health Centers including Bristol Cancer Help Centre and Hippocrities Health Centre Florida. I also have worked with Dr Rosy Daniel, director of Health Creation U.K, Dr Patch Adams -Laughter Medicine U.S.A and Robert Holden - Happiness Now London.

For the last 10 years, I have worked with the Irish based organisations Quest and Galway Head Injury who support and work with ABI (acquired brain injuries), spinal injuries and strokes. In working with these organizations I have had an opportunity to see first hand how challenging and stressful it can be for the individuals and their extended family when living with illness. Over the years I  run several workshops and training programmes in this area to give people coping skills and strategies to enhance their quality of life.

I'm currently Chairperson for Caring For Carers West and I'm involved with a six week training programme for carers. This course is to support and enable carers to find time to explore issues like Self-Care, Relationships, Communication, Stress / Time/Anger Management, and .how to bring the fun laughter and play back into focus.

I'm a senior Health Creation Consultant in Ireland. I can support you to design a health and life revival proactive plan. This will encourage you to make  changes which allow you to live a happy fulfilled life.


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