Healing Manifesto


Healing vs Curing

Healing Manifesto

Chapter 2: Navigating through the maze of cancer



(Bob Silverstein)

Lord, help me to heal. Restore to me to health, bring harmony into my life, and into my body.

Lord, help me to heal. Fill my soul with a longing for life. Give me the vision to see my own perfection.

Lord, help me to heal,to cleanse my mind of all doubt and despair; to rise above the illusion of time and disease.

Lord, help me to heal. To know only love, and feel only love in the purity of my heart.

Lord, help me to heal. Make me stronger in faith; by your grace bring me to peace of mind

Lord, help me to heal. Let me know the bounty of your love and power; restore me to wholeness

Lord, help me to heal. Show me how to surrender completely to your will; lift me into your arms and hold me like a newborn baby.


(Bob Silverstein)




Of …Your Name


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I am responsible for myself.

I am responsible for loving, respecting and accepting myself and treat others like I would like to be treated.

I am responsible to treat myself with gentleness, kindness and compassion.

I am responsible for living my own life.

I am responsible to tending to my own, physical, emotional, mentally, spiritual and financial well being.

I am responsible for identifying and fulfilling my own needs, wants and desires.

I am responsible for reaching out to others when I am in need of support.

I am responsible for living according to my values and standards.

I am responsible for knowing and defending my boundaries.

I am responsible for expressing my feelings and emotions freely and allowing others to do the same.

I am responsible to:

I am responsible for solving my own problems and of letting go of others I cannot resolve.

I am responsible for re - evaluating a situation and changing my mind when appropriate.

I am responsible for setting my own priorities and for achieving my own goals.

I am responsible for my own decisions and their outcomes.

I am responsible for whom I love and for how I choose to express that love.

I am responsible for what I do to others and for what I allow others to do for me.

I am not expected to be perfect.

I am not expected to foresee every consequence of every action.

I am not expected to be responsible for random events.

I am not expected to do more than my share.

I am not expected to be responsible for other people's actions, feelings, needs, or problems except when I so choose.

All of me every aspect of my being is important.

I count for something.

I matter.

My feelings are valid.

My thoughts are appropriate.

I trust myself.

I value my needs.

I have rights and I am expected to stand up for those rights.

I do not deserve, and will not tolerate, abuse or being mistreated.

The decision I make and the way I conduct myself will reflect my high self - esteem.

I am unique and special.

Within me is infinite value.

I am me



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