The Most Calming and Encouraging Facts about Cancer


Chapter 1 Facts about Cancer


A new beginning

Dr Rosy Daniel ,Dr. Rosy Daniel, BSc MBBCh,– Integrative Medicine Consultant

Dr Daniel was a trainee, then doctor and then Medical Director of Bristol Cancer Help Centre (1985 to 1999), and then worked from 1999 to 2005 at the Harley Street Oncology Centre alongside Professor Karol Sikora. She has now become a world authority on the holistic approach to cancer care and addresses conferences and seminars nationally and internationally, as well as being a frequent broadcaster. She is author of 5 books and the interactive Health Creation Programme.

Rosy has spent 25 years helping people challenged with chronic or life threatening illness to evaluate the potential benefits and support available from complementary, nutritional, psychological and self help approaches alongside mainstream medicine.

  Dr.Rosy Daniel

There is no single cause of cancer. Despite this there are many ways to improve and heal the condition of cancer.

 Dr. Rosy Daniel:

  • Cancer is a two-way process, it can grow but it can also           shrink or go into remission.

  • People have recovered from every single kind of cancer           and are living to tell the tale.

  • A healthy body has detection and repair mechanisms for          cancer cells. The approach of the behavioural medicine (or health creation programme) works to repair and boost these natural anti-cancer mechanisms within the body.

  • There are many factors apart from orthodox medicine, over which you have control, which may effect your survival time with cancer.

  • Your personal response to your cancer can make a huge difference to both your quality of life and survival.

  • Cancer Statistics

    You’re a unique individual and statistics never apply to individuals. Nobody knows your particular survival time with your particular kind of cancer – especially once you become active in your own defense. All of the conventional statistics     are historical and are most likely to be based on the results     of people who remained entirely passive using medical treatment alone to combat their cancer.

No one can tell you how long you will live, or how well you will respond to treatment. The only information your doctor can give you is the statistical average for a large and diverse group of people with a similar diagnosis and stage.

If you ask for this information, your doctor will probably tell you the five-year survival rate - the percentage of people who are cancer free after five years.

Recent studies indicate that cancer survival statistics may be too pessimistic. In other words, survival rates may be inaccurate and misleading. Equally important, since statistics apply to groups, not individuals, they don’t translate into a personal prognosis.

  • You should see your conventional treatment as only one component of your cancer recovery plan, becoming actively involved in your recovery process.

  • It is vital that you do not rely too much on the effectiveness    of medical treatment alone to “cure” your cancer, and that       you give up the passive patient role and join forces with your doctor, therapist, homeopath, etc, in order to get as pro-         active as you can in recovering your health.

  • It is you and not your doctors, therapists or Health                  Management Team who is in overall charge of your situation.

 Testimonials of natural healing

Cancer is an individual journey
One that is unpredictable. We all desire magic. There is no magic. There is no right or wrong with breast cancer. There is only your way. What happens to you is 100% yours, regardless of the purported statistics. Putting together your own personal prescription for treatment and healing will ultimately be the best approach for you.
Dr.Susan Love, Clinical Professor of Surgery at University of California, Los Angels School of Medicine.


 Gráinne - Freya Hammond, ISHom, H.C.M:

Transformation for Recovery
For the Healing from Cancer it is necessary that the individual need
  • To develop awareness of their needs.
  • To discover their inner guide.
  • To commit themselves 100% to their healing journey.
  • To become actively involved in their transformation for recovery.
  • To be open for change.
  • To reframe their ideas about their feelings.
  • To learn the skills of emotional expression with doctors, nurses, friends and family members.
  • To take charge of their medical care.
  • To stand up for themselves
  • To develop strong personal boundaries.
  • To let go of limiting beliefs of themselves.
  • To create the social support they need.
  • To secure their legitimate rights.
  • To work through hopelessness.
  • To have a strong will and reasons to live.
  • To cultivate fighting spirit.

Excerpt from Life Over Cancer by Keith Block, MD. 

"What is it about cancer that enables it to survive despite surgery to excise it, radiation to burn it, and chemotherapy to poison it?

We have only recently begun to grasp the nature of this disease. Cancer is not an isolated group of errant cells waiting passively to be annihilated by a wonder drug. Instead, a cascade of genetic and molecular glitches causes it.

That's why cancer does not present a single target for a magic bullet; a tumor is merely the most obvious symptom of an altered, unbalanced system. And that's why both the new targeted therapies and the older weapons of surgery, radiation, and old-line chemotherapy so often fail to prevent the spread or recurrence of the disease: they neither pick up renegade cancer cells, strengthen the body's biological balance, nor reach all of the underlying molecular accidents that initiated cancer in the first place.

As a result, even if the original tumor is gone, this biological imbalance creates an environment for cancer to recur: tumor cells use the body's own healthy resources to grow and multiply. This means that cancer is a systemic disruption and perversion of the body's resources and mechanisms. Because cancer will try to use every bit of your body's biochemistry to proliferate, you must strengthen every biochemical defense possible to defeat it.

Cancer is not merely a tumor. It is an underlying condition. It is based on abnormal patterns driven by genetics and lifestyle. It reflects changes in your body all the way down to the microscopic and molecular levels, changes that began long before you had any symptoms of cancer - indeed, long before cancer was diagnosed or even detectable. It therefore makes no sense to think of cancer as a tumor. That is merely its obvious manifestation. A whole slew of physiological processes are also out of whack - sufficient to allow malignant cells to arise, grow, and proliferate uncontrollably."


"The human body is more than a collection of individual parts; it is a whole network system of multiple, interacting parts including molecules, cells and organs that interacts with persons, environments, and a transcendent other(s). The whole system is an indivisible, self-organizing whole that cannot be taken apart. For true patient-centered clinical care and research, the dynamics of the individual and the function of the body in relation to other systems must be the focus of healing, as opposed to the static state of only one component part.

This view of healing deviates from the traditional conceptualization of treatment that characterizes western medicine. Within the western medical framework it is impossible to predict the properties of a whole system and therefore how to assess or alter those properties, as the relationships between parts are complex, non-linear, and interactive… Given that all parts of the whole system are intimately linked and inseparable, it follows that if something on one level of the system changes, all levels or parts of the system are affected to one degree or another."
-Iris Bell, MD, PhD

I disagree with the statement that you have six months to live. No one can say that, because of the inherent variability in how disease behaves.- 
Jerome Groopman, Professor, Harvard Medical School and leading researcher in cancer and AID's.



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