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We work with clients who are motivated to go deep within themselves to learn the sacred language of their discomforts and bodily sensations. This is where true healing takes place. This type of inner growth connects the individual to a renewed passion and purpose for their life despite their current challenges. We use a wide range of therapies and mind-body approaches, combined with life and wellness coaching techniques to help others achieve lasting change – moving them from a state of just surviving into one of unbounded flourishing.

All our programmes and treatments require you to commit to yourself and to your own health and development. 

  • We will: support you 
  • Encourage you 
  • Show you tools that will help you 
  • Hold you accountable to what you have committed 
  • Push you to go further that you would on your own 

But ultimately the choice is yours. By signing up for your coaching, workshops or treatments, you are committed to yourself. This is why we ask you to pay in advance. We are able to provide payment plans for you where long term treatment is required. This way you will show yourself that you are serious about bringing the changes that you want to bring about in your life. 

 Our Typical Clients:

  • Are committed to being generative rather than reactive. They practice full responsibility and establish blame-free relationships built on mutual empowerment, kindness and consideration.
  • View life as a creative process and understand that their thoughts, feelings, perceptions, assumptions, choices and actions are the fuel that repels or magnetizes the fulfillment of their desires.

Are life-long learners with a passion for growth.

May have  experienced  personal growth and yet, are willing to be mentored, to develop new skills and capacities and to receive support.


The people who come to us are usually very concerned about their privacy and confidentiality. They are typically working on highly personal, often painful and difficult issues. They need to trust that what they say and share in sessions will remain in the session. They want to know that nobody outside our therapy space will know their personal information. We can provide that guarantee.

Cancellation Fee:

  • For individuals who would like to attend our practice we will ask you to confirm your appointment with a deposit of €25. The balance is payable at the time  when you come to see us in our practice. No appointments can be confirmed until we have received advanced payment of the deposit.
  • 24 hours notice of change of date or time is requested. If not, full payment may be required at our discretion. Deposits may be refunded for first appointments cancelled within 24 hour notice, shorter notice, you may lose your deposit. Similarly, if we have to change dates at short notice, we will refund any deposit, or offer you a discount on your fee.