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The only thing worse than feeling miserable, is feeling miserable alone. But you don’t have to be alone. If you are struggling with difficulties in your life and need help, we are here to walk with you. Tell your story, tell us what helps you most, and ask others to share what works for them, in our support groups and mentor session.

Feeling Isolated

One of the side effects of cancer or any chronic illness is a feeling of isolation. People with cancer commonly feel cut off from the rest of the world or isolated within their own family. It is normal to feel like you are floundering with your feelings and life. Some people deny the reality of cancer or refuse to discuss it.    

Support can take many forms

 It is a blessing to have someone close to you, a specially trusted family member, friend or counselor who is willing to listen to you, perhaps hold your hand and be comfortable with your tears, your confusion, fear or anger, if you experience such feelings. 

However, friends and family members often cannot understand what you are experiencing as you struggle to cope with a chronic illness. If you can't talk or share your concerns within the family, consider talking to someone outside. Professional counseling can provide support and an outlet for your frustrations. A counselor may also help open up lines of communication within the family.


There is a growing body of evidence that patients with chronic and life-threatening illnesses benefit on all levels from psychological and spiritual support and self-help strategies. These benefits include symptom relief and the ability to cope with their illness and the treatment they are facing. The Health Creation Programme will help the person diagnosed with a life threatening illness and their carer to walk the journey towards health. It will help to make a huge difference in the ability of people, not only to cope and get the best treatment, but also to help them to open to their own self-healing potential.


      I will help you to:

  • Cope with the emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis

  • Manage fear and anxiety.

  • Deal with the specific problems and challenges a cancer diagnosis brings.

  • Manage and reduce symptoms and treatment side-effect.

  • To learn self - help techniques and implement them into your daily life.

  • To believe in yourself and in your abilities to influence your healing process.

  • To understand your own limiting beliefs and behaviours, which might sabotage your well -  being and health. 

  • Improve your health and energy.

To create a new and fresh vision of yourself and your new healthier lifestyle.



  • I want you be cared for as an individual rather than treated     as a disease. I take the time to listen and understand who you are and work with you to create a customized, proactive, long-term health plan to address your health concerns and achieve your goals. The process appreciates the innate potential you have for self-repairing and healing.

  • I would like to help you to find the power to heal yourself and to mobilize your life force.

  • I hope to coach you in empowerment, self-knowledge and in the expression of your inner being. I want you to be empowered, but also want you to know that there are many ways you can help yourself.

  • Your healing has to begin with you, but that does not mean     it is something you must do alone.

  • I would like to give you tools you will need to make decisions that are right for you so that You get the attention and care you require, whether in a hospital, in the doctors office, in       the rehabilitation-centre or at home.

  • I can guide, coach and assist you in mobilizing your resources.  I can help you develop the will to live and the strength to survive and I will do my best to encourage you.

  • The personal involvement with your health can be your most powerful tool against your Illness.

  • Conventional medicine is needed and we should never turn our back on it as man has been given this gift to develop medicine to ease and cure some diseases. However there        are also other ways of looking at our diseases or dis-ease. 


The support, offered by The Dynamic Turnaround Cancer Care is complementary, this means it can be used alongside the medical treatment you may already have had or be receiving. Your medical team will focus on treating the disease; so that we have more time to focus on you as the whole person.

Our services are also suitable for those who have chosen not to have medical treatment, or for those where medical treatment is limited or not appropriate as well as to supporters of people living with cancer. The Dynamic Turnaround Team is working with other experienced Mentors and complimentary medicine practitioners in Ireland together.

What we cannot do:

  • We are not medical doctors and cannot offer medical opinion. However, we can listen to your concerns and              suggest other organisations if we cannot help. It is               important to understand what a complimentary medicine therapist and Health Creation Mentor does not do.

  • We will not take over the medical treatment of cancer, responsibility for which remains with your medical team at home. Your medical screening should also continue to be arranged through your existing medical team too.

  • Your acute medical needs must always be taken to your normal GP or hospital consultant.  We will, however, be your counselor and Mentor, fellow companion, empowering you to get the very best of all health options, whatever it is that you are facing. She does not offer telephone counseling.

 Mentor support

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