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Cancer Lifeline Kit
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The Cancer Lifeline Kit is a comprehensive self-help Kit designed to be of great benefit and immediate help if you are affected or diagnosed with cancer.

It has been developed to fill the large support and self-help gap experienced by many cancer patients and their carer's.
 This Kit is an interactive resource, helping you to combine the best of both worlds of conventional medicine with alternative and complementary medicine. It brings up-to-the-minute research, information and the most effective self-help tools available.


The Cancer Lifeline Kit

Is helping people through the shock and trauma of their initial diagnosis through making informed treatment choices, enabling them to prepare well for treatment physically and psychologically and to convalesce properly. Aimed at those newly diagnosed with cancer, this Programme includes:


  • Cancer Lifeline Programme
  • Health Creation Programme 
  • Carer Guide 
  • Picture of Health
  • The frontier cancer medicine guide
  • The frontier cancer medicine guide 
  • The alternative cancer treatment guide
  • Cope positively with symptoms and treatment of cancer CD
  • Heal yourself CD 
  • Images for healing cancer CD 
  • Message of hope video

Cancer Lifeline Recipes


The Cancer Lifeline Programme

A fully interactive workbook

'Images for Healing Cancer'

Two informative guides to help with the making of treatment decisions -

'The Frontier Cancer Medicine Guide and

'The Alternative Cancer Treatment Guide'


The Health Creation Programme

Is designed to speed recovery by pro-active holistic health promotion and is also relevant to those with other chronic or lifestyle related illness.

It will help people diagnosed with a life threatening illness and their carer to walk the journey towards health. It will help to make huge differences in the ability of people, not only to cope and get the best treatment, but also to help them to open their own healing potential. It helps you find the best support to get through the shock of diagnosis, make the right treatment decisions and get the best outcome from the treatments. This is ideal if you have just been diagnosed with cancer. It is an interactive workbook.


The Carer's Guide provides carers with their own workbook to help them to be the best possible carer whilst also supporting and encouraging them to recognise their own state, identify their needs and form their own coping strategy.


This can now be completed online and in 30-45 minutes your personal Picture of Health will give you real clarity about the current state of your health and lifestyle. You will identify quickly your strengths and vulnerabilities in all areas of mind, body, spirit and environment. With this valuable insight you can plan your Health Creation Goals to achieve optimum health. It can be used to give you a snapshot now of your health and well-being and can also be used as an holistic measurement tool to compare current results with levels achieved after you have made healthy changes or had therapeutic help. In this way you can clearly chart your progress and review your state and needs on a regular basis, fine tuning your Health Creation Goals and Action Plan every month.

Once you log in to perform your first Picture of Health you can keep your results in your own account and return to do the exercise again at regular intervals. You can also complete the exercise in two sittings, as all the work you have done will be stored safely to return to later. This gives you the perfect tool to empower yourself step by step to achieve really positive health, fulfillment and happiness.

The Frontier Cancer Medicine Guide

New treatments that are already in use, whether in the United Kingdom, or other parts of the world. Treatments and methods of delivering treatment that are in development (some of which may have reached clinical trial stage and Areas that show promise for the future.

 Alternative Cancer Treatment Guide

This Guide provides an overview of the best-known alternative cancer treatments. The many alternative cancer treatments described in this guide will give you positive choices in making your own treatment plan.

Cope Positively with Symptoms and Treatment of Cancer: Images for healing cancer CD 

Images for Healing Cancer CD has four powerful visualisations to help the person with cancer to see all the cancer gone from the body, themselves fully healed going on into the future, and a profound healing journey to help them find the keys to their personal healing.

Heal Yourself CD

The Heal Yourself CD has four self-help techniques to experience and learn that will strengthen the body, calm the mind and restore the spirit. These are a relaxation exercise; a ‘stretch and breathe’ exercise, a ‘stillness meditation’ and a ‘compassionate meditation’.

Message of Hope Video

The video shows inspiring examples of people who have used the holistic approach to transform their lives and recover from cancer. They describe the keys to their success. The video also has supportive messages from Dr Rosy Daniel and the UK’s leading oncologist, Professor Karol Sikora.

The Cancer Lifeline Recipe Cards

  • Tough Times for going through treatment and severe illness
  • Clean Machine for detoxification, either following intensive treatment or as a starting point on a holistic health programme
  • Eat Right for long term healthy eating.

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