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Compassionate Cancer Care - The challenge of coping with cancer

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    The Challenge of Coping with Cancer


We are glad you found us! When you or someone you love have been touched by cancer, it can be an emotional, challenging and confusing time -but we are here to help!

Our Health Creation method focuses on interactions between the mind and the body - how beliefs, attitudes, lifestyle choices, spiritual and psychological perspectives can dramatically affect our health, the course of our disease, and our overall well-being. At the heart of The Dynamic Turnaround's mission is our Getting Well Again Health Creation Programme based on Dr. Rosy Daniel’s successful model for emotional intervention, patient education, and support.

Participants learn techniques for enriching their lives in order to promote their health; lifestyle counseling; relaxation and mental imagery or creative thinking exercises. Additionally you will explore the importance of gentleness, and the role of stress, secondary gain, and other contributing factors to their disease. The issues of recurrence and death are also examined. By delving into these topics through the use of personal tailored consultations and or the group process, patients are enabled to implement these methods into their daily lives.

We believe:

Patients deserve appropriate, user-friendly, and balanced information about their treatment.

They deserve compassion from every person with whom they have contact.

They deserve quality, timely care that does not leave them financially devastated.

They deserve a network of support for themselves and their families.

They deserve more resources that work and fewer things that do not.
We want you be cared for as an individual rather than treated as a disease. We will take the time to listen and understand who you are and work with you to create a customized, proactive, long-term health plan to address your health concerns and achieve your goals. The process appreciates the innate potential you have for self-repairing and healing.

The shock, disorientation and anxiety that often come with a serious cancer diagnosis can overwhelm one’s sense of confidence and make it hard for you to feel effective or powerful in a time when you may most need inner strength. You can find yourself over-whelmed with emotions at a time when you most need to keep your wits about you.

The Dynamic Turnaround is offering Hope, Health and Healing for those lives, which have been touched by Cancer. The inspiration to heal runs deep at The Dynamic Turnaround's Cancer Care. Encouragement, Support and Compassion are present throughout our office. We take pride in offering patient - centered care, that is uniquely tailored for your needs and that addresses your physical and emotional well being, every step of the way.

You may have been diagnosed with cancer yourself or be supporting someone who has. Being diagnosed with cancer or being told your cancer has returned can be a traumatic and life-changing event.

For each person diagnosed, cancer is a unique experience. No two people will travel the same journey during and after cancer treatment. How people cope after being diagnosed, during treatment, and afterward is also different for each individual. One common thread in all people with cancer is the need for a good support system.

Once a diagnosis of cancer has been made, the need to become a partner with your health team is critical. A positive doctor - therapist - cancer mentor - patient relationship can make the cancer treatment - and the whole cancer experience-infinitely easier.

You have many options available to you, and we hope you will consider our excellent service and programme as one of your options.


No matter which type of cancer support you choose, remember that emotional support and care is just as important as physical care. You don't have to feel isolated when having cancer. Maintaining a positive outlook on life and being optimistic is the goal of support groups, which makes the cancer journey a lot easier.

If you or a loved one has experienced a cancer diagnosis, a recurrence or are having difficulty re – gaining your emotional and physical health after treatment, consider to contact us or to attend one of our support groups.

Immediate help is here for you. Let us help you to rediscover your personal strength. Let your healing begin, call us today on: 091 87 1455

The Dynamic Turnaround Cancer Care is a cancer patient and family care orientated support whose aim is to enhance patient and family care and well being in a holistic way, and in support of conventional medical treatment and interventions if needed. 

As a Mentor, we would like to meet you in person. We would like helping you change the way you live with cancer. Medical investigations and treatments can be intensive, stressful and draining. You will often be offered a wide range of information from various sources, which can become confusing and overwhelming. At this time they can provide information, psychological and emotional support and practical lifestyle advice.

Our priorities are to equip all those we meet with the practical and emotional support they need to maintain peace of mind and quality of life.

We would like to give you the needed guidelines on effective ways to cope and when to seek help and about the psychological effects of different treatments and how to deal with them. We would like to offer you help on how to get through your treatment in the best possible way. Our work is tailored for the needs of those who are newly diagnosed, are in treatment, are survivors, or are receiving palliative care, both for the patient and family.


We will guide you through different available alternative and complementary therapies, which people increasingly are adding to their conventional cancer treatments.
We will help you to fill your toolkit for healing from cancer, healing emotions and eliminating internal stress. There are a lots of things you can do to control these and other risk factors for illness. 
We are helping people to live well with cancer by offering Whole Person Support known as the world famous “Health Creation” Approach. We will help you to identify any blocks and obstacles in your way and support you to face and remove these one by one until your path to full enjoyment of life is clear. The role of the mind and the emotion is vital in your healing process. By understanding this relationship you can understand yourself more deeply and have a greater role in your healing from cancer    
Crucially, we will help you to recognise and act upon       your  own inner wisdom so that self-defeating beliefs       and behaviours can be replaced with strong self-care     and liberating Health Creation goals. Gráinne and other  accredited Mentors of the Health Creation Team
will give people the practical tools they need to improve their daily quality of life and help manage the fear of cancer.

            Support for Family and Caregiver

We know that the entire family is affected by a loved     one’s cancer diagnosis. While the focus of care rests on   the “patient”, family members also experience feelings   of fear, confusion and helplessness. If you have a loved    one who has been diagnosed with cancer and you need someone to talk to, our experienced team of Mentors,   we are here for you. If you have cancer and begin taking steps toward redesigning your life in ways that reflect who you really are, whether the changes you make are large or small ones, certain things happen.


You are no longer a helpless, passive patient in the hands of the medical profession. You are actively taking control of your life. While you are alive, you have hope, and you have options. You have will, imagination, and powerful natural healing abilities within you that you can stimulate by the way you use your mind.
This changes the color of your life: you are now on an adventure, not just waiting for things to happen.Taking new steps has a strong tendency to stimulate your own self-healing abilities so that they reinforce your medical treatment.

Whatever the issues worked on and whatever the methods used, the focus is on the following agenda:

To identify what excites and vitalizes you
To identify what can be changed or added in your life      within the possibilities of reality, so that your life can be   the most fulfilling possible; and to begin moving in that direction
To identify the psychological blocks stopping you from    living such a life, and to work in various ways at removing them;
To plan a course of concrete action most likely to lead to  a life that reflects who you truly are.

 We Offer:

Individual Support

Our individual support service is here to help you in your journey whether you are a cancer patient or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer. Offering information, psychology consultations, benefits advice and a range of complementary therapies our cancer support specialists are here to work with you in whatever way you find helpful.  

Health Creation Mentoring:

One of the main focus of our mentoring service is to help individuals with cancer and their families to understand, prevent and relieve psychologically based distress related to the cancer diagnosis.

We also aim to promote psychological well-being and personal development. Recent advances in psychological and medical research have led to new ways of thinking about health and illness.

This research views health and illness as the product of a combination of factors including biological characteristics, behavioural factors, for example, lifestyle and stress levels and finally social factors such as relationships and available levels of social support. Working with people on the psychological consequences of physical illness and the adaptation required to cope with this event, as well as in the area of bereavement and loss has been our major interest for many years.

  • Patient Support Groups 
  • Caregiver Support Group 
  • Workshops and Courses:
Learning how to cope with cancer. This is a close group which meets for a total of 12 sessions over a period of six month. A 12 - week course of 2h each week provides opportunities for learning, sharing experiences and mutual support in meeting others undergoing a similar experience. 

Is for those caring for people with cancer. We invite you to explore ways of supporting yourself and find balance at this challenging time.

  • Complementary Medicine Support alongside medical treatment

Expressive art courses.
Each participant is actively encouraged towards identifying their own way of expressing themselves through art and sharing their discoveries within the group. In our journey through art, the group explores their own emotions and understandings surrounding their experience of cancer and other life events. The art group is open to patients, both men and women, at all stages of their illness. Please note that each course is limited to 5 participants and early booking is advisable

Expressive Art is particularly good for people who have difficulties in expressing their needs, e. g. in relation to a cancer diagnosis.

  • Writing is an important way of taking control. This is especially true in illness. It helps to overcome the sense of powerlessness that illness brings and gives people a chance to clarify and ask practical questions as well as addressing the difficult existential questions.
The key aspect to creative (therapeutic) writing is that the person themselves is in control. You write at the pace that you want to write. You share only what you choose to share. Putting memories on paper can help defuse the build up of stress in our lives.
Therapeutic writing can also be a way of communicating safely with others, for example, through writing letters to loved ones which allows people to express what they can't say in words. Expressive writing and creating a vision board is an excellent therapy for people who want to learn how to develop their writing skills as a means of exploring their feelings and their un -lived dreams.

  • Nutritional support
are important for individuals with cancer before, during and after treatment. The goal for the dietary advices is to maintain or improve the nutritional status of the cancer patient. Learn how to implement a healthy and nutritionist diet to support your immune system.

Live Fully After Cancer Support: 

Although each person with cancer looks forward to getting back to normal life, the process can be challenging. Everyone deals with these challenges time in their own way. Your last day of treatment is a day to celebrate!
When treatment is over it can be difficult sometimes to get back to your normal pre-cancer life. The diagnosis of cancer dominates your life for so long, when treatment is over it takes a while to get back into your regular routine.  Group size may not exceed 9 participants and these courses are run twice yearly for a period of six weeks.

  • Personalized care

By the dedicated team of health professionals is provided throughout all sessions. Our commitment to you extends beyond the office and the offered weekend programmes. 

Although our workshops were originally designed for people with cancer and their families, experience has shown their value and validity for a much wider group. The research behind them was done chiefly with cancer patients, but we have found that the results also apply to those with other illnesses involving the immune system.

These workshops are now not only for people dealing with life-threatening illness and those close to them. They are also for those simply wanting to improve their health, and to create more richness, zest and meaning in their lives. Our work is a form of complementary medicine (mind-body medicine), aimed at mobilizing the immune response (self-healing abilities).

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