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The Miracle of Life -  Preparing for your Baby

It’s vital for a woman of any age to physically prepare for pregnancy and motherhood, for the health of both the mother and the baby.  

Start by speaking with a trusted midwife, medical practitioner and childbirth educator and then consider the following practical advice, geared to keep everyone healthy and happy through every stage of the childbirth process.

From conception to your child's 1st birthday, you and this baby are ONE biological system! This period of time is unique and is called the "primal period" because it's the foundation for your - and your child's - lifelong well-being, health and happiness, and your baby's, because this is when your relationship shapes your babies brain and nervous system. This is when lifelong patterns are laid down, including whether this baby can trust other, feels good being alive, and is able to form close relationships.

Everything we do and feel and think is transmitted to our baby, right from conception, through the amazing biochemistry of the mind and body. What our baby experiences most is the world of it's mother: what she takes into her body, including the television she watches as what goes into her mouth, and what she thinks and feels. This is why it is so worthwhile to start making the changes in your life that you know will make you healthier and happier, before you bring a baby into the world. This is the time to create a way of life and a way of thinking that brings you joy and calm and trust. Because that is what your baby likes and needs the most. 

There is MIND before there is a physical BRAIN. Your baby is aware right from conception, and there is growing evidence that the spirit of the baby also knows what is going on, even before and during conception. Our mind lives in and around our entire body and field of energy. Physics and cellular biology show us that. Ancient people, living in tribes, have known that. Most of us were not raised to believe that. This is why children, and adults, can sometimes recall things that happened to them in the first months in their mother's womb and even at conception, things like what mother and dad said, what mother was feeling. If we don't understand this fact we can't understand how people can remember things before there was enough brain development to know what was going on around them and to remember.

You and your baby are not only one biological system but also two SEPARATE individuals, right from the start. That means that you can help your baby, in the womb, at birth, even before conception, by letting the spirit and mind of this new being know that all is well. Even if you're having a terrible day, in a bad situation, feeling can communicate to your baby in words and thoughts. What do you say when you're not feeling as happy as you would like? Something like this: 'Mom's having a very bad day (or a fight with dad, or feeling frightened). This is NOT about you. Mom will will take care of it.You just be happy. Don't worry. All is well. I love you."

Get your body in shape.

Pregnancy is hard work, and the more strength you have, especially in your core, back and legs, the better you’ll feel during pregnancy,” she advises. Being in good physical shape before pregnancy can also make it easier to stay fit during the nine months that follow. 


Start eating better. 

A balanced, organic diet provides the nutrients needed to raise a healthy developing baby. “During pregnancy, the baby is very much a part of its mother’s body. That means eating toxin-free foods, which cuts back on chemicals found in the mom’s body, will also limit chemical exposure to the baby.

Take care of chronic medical conditions.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, for example, get it under control before becoming pregnant. Apprise your healthcare professional of any family health problems, so he or she can plan ahead once you conceive. 

Limit exposure to toxins.

Examine the labels of products you regularly use - especially skincare and cleaning products - and banish anything that contains a toxic soup of chemicals; if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably not good for you or your growing baby.

Research alternative therapies.

Taking drugs for common medical problems such as headaches, colds and muscle pain isn’t always the best approach. Speak with your midwife or obstetrician about options like acupuncture, massage and homeopathy.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself BEFORE or DURING pregnancy, so you can make changes and get as healthy, calm and happy as possible.

1. Am I getting enough good quality, food?

 2. Am I taking things into my body that are not good for me or a baby growing inside me?

 3. Am I consuming coffee, soft drinks (especially ones with artificial sweetener)?

 4. Am I drinking alcohol?

 5. Am I smoking?

 6. Am I getting 8 cups of good quality water a day?



Questions for you to ask that might get you researching a bit:

1. "Are there toxic chemicals in my food, my air and my water? (Can I buy organic? What about a water filter?)

2. How safe are the household cleaning products I use around?

Now, let's look at deeper issues:

1. Am I in feeling physically AND emotionally safe?

2. Am I able to relax part of each day...or am I under almost constant, or chronic, stress?

3. How am I sleeping?

4. How much TV am I watching? especially news or detective or other scary shows?

5. How much bad news am I reading in the newspaper or listening to other people talk about?

And finally

1. How much support from other people do I really have in my life? (Do I have a community?)

2. How do I feel - most of the time - about myself, my life?

3. How do I really feel about this baby?
4. How anxious or worried am I about going through childbirth?

5. How do I really feel about being a mother?

Once we ask ourselves these questions we are better able to think about where to focus our attention, how to use money wisely, where to get information and help we need regarding any changes we want to create in our life.


Here's a positive thought:
"I am living as healthy and toxin-free as possible. I am creating happiness, ease and beauty in my life, right now. My baby and I, and everyone around us, are benefiting.

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