The Body as a Garden

Posted on October 20, 2012 at 10:40 AM


The Body as a Garden

"When plant goes to seed, its seeds are carried in all directions, but they can only live and grow if they fall on congenial soil." -Stephen Paget, MD

"Nature designed the body to work harmoniously, and for human live long, healthy lives... But you cannot constantly violate Nature's requirements - poor eating habits; overeating or under-eating; inadequate, inadequate elimination of wastes; unnecessary high - risk behaviour; and letting negative emotions rule your life. If you continue to subject your body to excessive behaviour, abuse and neglect, sooner or later the results will be a breakdown in some vital life process."

"To develop a new relationship with your body begins by seeing your body as a garden that needs nurturing and care, as well as sufficient space and sunshine to heal and to grow. Your body is not a machine that was created simply to carry out the will of its owner. The idea that your body must do the bidding of the human ego rarely works in the journey through cancer - in fact, it can be counterproductive.

Your body is a living, breathing organism, a focal point of energy, information, intelligence and growth. And healing from cancer is ultimately an organic process that requires many ingredients. An element of mystery also accompanies this process. Consciously connecting with that mystery can be healing of itself.

The idea of the body as a garden opens new ways of thinking about ourselves - and about medicine and healing. It opens up tremendous opportunities for us all to play genuinely positive roles in the healing process. It gives us a chance to ask, "What can I do to cultivate the garden of my being in such a way that the fruits and flowers of health, well - being and self - knowledge can blossom and grow? What can I do to fertilize and till the soil of my being in order to accomplish this?

When a garden is carefully tended, weed or parasites may still appear, but they are much less likely take over or affect the plant. They can be dealt with while they are still in an easily manageable form. Making a garden healthy also requires giving it adequate nutrients and water, turning the soil so the earth mixes with fresh air. Removing toxins and other harmful substances from the environment is essential, along with making sure that the garden has plenty of sunlight. By tending to all these things, a gardener gives nature the fullest possible opportunity to come into congruence with his or her wishes.

If a garden is neglected, another side of nature is likely to assert itself. Weeds are just as natural as roses, but they're out of sync with our ultimate interests. They are also out of sync with all the other plants in the garden. They can quickly usurp the space and nourishment of the other plants, often killing them in the process. The weeds can also eventually choke off one another and cause their own death."

This is as close to a perfect analogy with cancer as we are likely to find. Good nutrition, exercise, and a life that is emotionally and spiritually fulfilled is not a guarantee that cancer will be prevented, let alone cured. However, actively pursuing all these can help - sometimes significantly."

Any person with a little "gardening" experience knows that when you plant a vegetable seed, the "fruits" of the seed will totally depend on how you prepare the soil, and how you nourish and support the growing seedling into adulthood.

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