Life's Golden Ticket

Posted on October 13, 2012 at 2:30 AM

By Brendan Burchard


WHEN YOU WHERE BORN a golden ticket was slipped into your soul's pocket by your Creator. The ticket gave you privileged access to a world of choices - it granted you permission to be whoever you wanted to be and to do whatever you wanted to do. You may not have known you were carrying this ticket all your life, but you were. Life's golden ticket is now in your hands. And now is your moment of truth. You can either stand still and live in the yesterday or you can step through the gates of possibility into life you were mend to live.

The only price of admission is to release any anger, hurt, worry, or resentment tied to your old story and to have the clarity and strength to start anew. You can make new choices. You can live more fully. You can love more completely. You can make a greater difference.

Every moment is a second chance to unleash and claim the life of purpose and contribution that is your destiny. But be aware. The only promise in life is that soon the gates will close, as there are only so many moments left to live, love, and matter.

Stand still or step forward? The choice, as it always has been, is yours. 

If you could sum up the secret to living a happy and meaningful life in 1-2 sentences, what would it be?

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