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It felt like spring to me - a new beginning - a time to fly. It was definitely a time of renewal and to move on.

And while there is always excitement in a new start, there is also usually some hesitation. There may be risk involved, a leap of faith. You may question if it isn’t safer just to stay where you are – but you know there is no progress in being stagnant. And so I'm thankful for the experience that I did not had to go alone through the challenges of my cancer journey and for the knowledge that that I don't have to go through any other ones alone, helping me to take that jump when a jump is needed, offering reassurance and building me the wings to fly.

The end of treatment can be a time to look forward to the future. New rituals and new beginnings can bring a sense of relief and joy. It may also be a time of physical and emotional change. Now that treatment is over, try to take time to get back in tune with yourself. Allow healing time for you and your family members and caregivers. Think about what you can do to begin living without cancer as a main focus.

Whether good or bad, life - changing situations often give people the chance to grow, learn, and appreciate what's important to them. Many people, like myself, with cancer describe their experience as a journey. It's not necessarily a journey they would have chosen for themselves. But it sometimes presents the opportunity to look at things in a different way.


Connecting with Spirit

Since I was ill with cancer, I no longer denied the presence of Spirit that had held me up, acting as my life force, for all those years. I was led to journey to the spiritual world, to practice and receive, meditation, EFT, Reiki and Hypnosis and to join a course for acting. Upon emerging, a feeling of deep focus and contentment took residence within and along with it a desire to help others navigate their way out of whatever difficulties they’ve constructed for themselves through self acceptance, development, improvement and joy.

What I’ve learned along the way is that every human being is an artist. We are all practitioners of the art of living. As artists, we are creators. We are all creating our own masterpieces called LIFE. We create the experiences we want and we create our responses to the experience we don't want. Stepping through the threshold of what keeps you in fear is the key to accomplishing, materializing what those inspirations are nudging in you.

The Joy Of Being Alive


I feel joy being alive. I know now more profoundly than I have ever known before that we are not alone here. That we have available to us more help than we could ever need to move to places we have not yet been to.

I achieved the healing of my body from cancer by working with the mind - body connection, releasing old shocks, traumas, toxic emotions and healing old wounds.

I explored new activities for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As I participated in workshops, classes, lectures, coaching, and traveling to new places, I found that much of my healing happened when the arts were involved. I began to think of more creative solutions, both at work and outside of work. As I had more fun and met new people, I became more active, and included dancing as a regular exercise into my life. As I paid more attention to living in harmony both with my own being and the outside influences, I realized the power my outlook had on my attitude and immune system.

Stress relief strategies are key for healing. A tense body, not only feels more pain, but heals more slowly, than a relaxed one. Because of the nature of my cancer I experienced often very uncomfortable pain. Yoga, Meditation and certain breathing methods taught me to how to breathe through this pain. I now use this technique when I am stressed. Breathing calms and helps redirect my thinking.

Music was another big part of my healing journey. Depending on my mood I listened to tunes I loved and for various reasons. It could be words were inspirational, the tune was catchy, or the sounds were soothing or energetic. For music with lyrics in a foreign language, I did not always know what the meaning of the words; I just loved the sound of the music.


During my pilgrimage to health I experienced with wonder and gratitude the healing power of homeopathy.

In spite of this, I believe that my personal involvement with my health was the most powerful tool I had to overcome cancer, helping me to make a remarkable recovery from what was diagnosed to be a terminal illness. Homeopathy was the medicine of my choice to support my healing immune system.

An alkaline vegetarian diet with daily fresh vegetable juices provided my body with the necessary fuel to work properly. Herbal teas and tinctures supported my liver and nutritional supplements where added for extra strength of my immune system. I nourished my soul regularly with artwork, dancing, meditation, writing, music, movement therapy, voice work, shamanic journeys and many more to keep my inner light radiant and alive. Ongoing sessions with my cancer companion encouraged, inspired and guided me through the up and downs, periods of calm and tumult of the cancer journey and helped me to find resources of will power and determination to stay strong on my path back to health.

The Most Powerful Medicine: Love, Kindness, Gratitude...

The most powerful medicine on my extraordinary and transforming Journey to health have been Love, Kindness, Gratitude, a Positive and Open Mind, Dedication and Surrender, to be Active and in Charge of my Healing Journey, and a Wide Network of support around me. I experienced again and again, what powerful role my mind, heart, and spirit played in impacting my time through cancer. I have used many different healing options to support myself, either for symptom relief or for the all over healing of my body and soul.

Many heroic people have inspired and taught me a great deal about living courageously in the face of great challenges, and the unknown. The encouragement, warmth and generosity I have received from people who had journeyed with me has helped me to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. It was a lesson in humility as well. The contribution of every person in my life helped me to become what I’m now. I like to acknowledge all the teachers in the physical world and the world of spirit who taught me to listen to my soul.

I acknowledge my patients who blessed me by sharing the most intimate time of their lives, and the ones who where dying, for trusting my abilities to direct and support them during their challenging journey to health and to the other side of life.

I have been blessed beyond words….


Turning Cancer Into A Positive Experience

I have turned my experience into a process called The Dynamic Turnaround to support others when facing a health crisis. It is my desire to support even the most confused ones to see and what to do and where to begin when they are faced with the challenge of cancer or any other life - threatening illness. 

If you are currently receiving inner inspirations about your journey to health and to live your dreams come true, then I encourage you to accept their invitation into yourself. On some level your answers to your questions and dreams all ready exist, how else would you know you wanted them to come true. Just a commercial advertises where to get the latest powerful gadget, so does your soul advertise its full potential to you via your inner inspirations and repetitive desires.

Engaging In Your Own Health Creation Programme

Since my recovery from cancer, I have worked intensively with people who were or are diagnosed with life threatening diseases in my practice, either in one to one sessions or in small groups. It is about guiding and supporting people to overcome obstacles, removing any  blockage which prevent them from healing, change self-destructive unhealthy lifestyles, behaviour and attitudes towards sustainable life-enhancing behaviours and a new vitality that is enduring. The theory and philosophy of the Heath Creation Programme, is based on the holistic approach to health and has similar concepts to homeopathy. It has complemented the work I do in my own homeopathic practice. It empowered me and now does the same for my clients when they embark on their healing journey.

The vision that I have held for so many years to combine homeopathy and behavioural medicine in the form of the Health Creation Programme came into fulfillment. Based on my experience with cancer, both personally and professionally, I would like to share my knowledge and experience with the homeopathic and conventional medical communities here in Ireland, in order to improve our services to patients and ourselves.


Sharing With Others 

Due to the benefits I experienced through the work of the Behavioural Medicine Programme I am eager to share this knowledge with others so that they might incorporate this into their practices as I have done, through which I have seen great improvements in my patients. I wish to bring this most powerful life-enhancing Cancer Lifeline Programme into the homeopathic and orthodox medical world. I believe that this work can build a bridge between the orthodox and complimentary or alternative medical worlds. I have integrated it successfully into my practice, lectures, seminars and workshops for patients and professional therapist alike.


Life is filled with wondrous gifts of sensations, experiences and realizations. Like the voice of spirit, Life’s beauty is subtle yet abound. In Life’s constant state of humble generosity, I often take its wonders for granted and forget to wonder about them. Today I will remember to inhale life’s beauty  and exhale my gratitude.

Embrace your uniqueness. Time is much too short to be living someone else's life. Life is a Gift, Life is an Art Work Without an Eraser.

I wish you all a good journey. Take care. 


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A New Beginning



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